Is The Water Heater Leaking in Your Destin, Florida Home?

A water heater that is leaking can cause some serious damage to your home. Not only can it cause water damage, but there can end up being extensive damage inside the walls and underneath the floors by mold growth brought on by standing water.

Is The Water Heater Leaking in Your Destin, Florida Home?

If the water heater is leaking in your Destin home, there are certain steps to take to set things right. A few of these are listed below:

  1. Shut off the main water supply to your Destin home to prevent further damage and/or flooding.
  2. Call Noble Public Adjusting Group at (850) 249-MYPA even before you call the plumber. We have immediate access to reputable plumbers in the Destin area who will replace your water heater. Let us handle calling them.
  3. Have your homeowner insurance policy ready. One of our professional public adjusters in Destin will come out, give you a free inspection of the damage caused by your water heater leak. We will go over your insurance policy with you and contact the insurance company on your behalf.
  4. Leave things as they are. The mess and damage caused by a leaking and/or broken water heater will be part of your insurance claim. Once a public adjuster from our firm arrives, they will want to take pictures of all damages.
  5. Stay out of the area where the broken water heater is. The longer water stands, the more contaminated it becomes and we want you to stay safe.

Noble Public Adjusting Group is an active member of the Destin community. We have a list of trusted plumbers we can call on your behalf who will survey the damage and either repair or replace your water heater. Your professional Noble adjuster will investigate water/mold damage that may have been caused by the leak. We do the testing and analysis required to search for other possible water damage and mold.

With years of experience in the handling of water damage claims and leaking/broken water heaters in Destin and across Florida, it is our job to get you started on the right path toward a repaired or replaced water heater. We can help with the hiring of a cleanup crew and deal with your insurance company. Along with reputable plumbers, we are affiliated with professionals water restoration teams.

Call us today at (850) 249-MYPA and save yourself time, headaches and money. But remember also that if you have already taken steps such as cleaning up, calling a plumber, contacting a water restoration specialist, or calling your insurance company, we can still handle your claim. We can actually handle a water damage claim from a leaking or broken water heater at any stage of the process. Our wheelhouse is mediating with insurance companies to make sure you get the highest settlement for any type of homeowner insurance claim.

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