What to Do When Pipes Burst in Panama City Beach

With the winter months, you might find yourself dealing with burst pipes. Burst pipes happen when ice forms in your water pipes, expanding until it splits your pipes. You might first learn that you have burst pipes by a wet spot on your floor or discoloration on your ceiling or walls. You would think naturally that it is your cold water line in jeopardy of bursting; but actually, hot water lines are more likely to freeze and burst. Burst pipes can cause serious damage to your home and you should make sure you address the issue as soon as possible.

In Panama City Beach, you may have never dealt with burst pipes because it’s not something that happens often in warm climates. However, the cold weather we have experienced has proven that even Florida residents can experience ice and snow, causing pipes to burst.

What to Do When Pipes Burst in Panama City Beach

1.) Turn Off the Water

As soon as it looks like you’ve got a burst pipe, turn off your water. Doing this will prevent the damage from getting worse. You can turn off your water using the main water supply. Find the stop tap (also called a stopcock valve) on your water main. Often, this can be found under your kitchen sink or wherever the main service pipe is connected to your home. It’s a good idea to teach your entire family how to do this in case there is an emergency.

Once you’ve switched off your water, turn on all the cold taps to let the pipe drain out. You should also turn off your hot water heating system and turn on all the hot water taps to help move the process along. Flush all your toilets. Once all the water has run through your taps, all leaks should stop.

2.) Find the Broken Pipe, If Possible

Find the burst pipe as soon as possible to keep the damage from getting worse. Look for signs of discoloration and moisture. Ceilings might bulge, which means they’re holding a load of water and are at risk of caving. Be careful. Also, you may see bubbles in your sheetrock and under-paint.  You don’t need to cut your sheetrock; leave that to the professionals.

3.) Document the Damage

Make sure you document any moisture damage that’s visible to you, right away.  You can take photos or video.  The reason we ask you to do this is that water inevitably dries out, on the surface.  Having documentation of what you see will help prove your case, should the insurance company try to deny it later, once the water is dry and the bubbles deplete.

4.) Find Your Insurance Policy

After you’ve contacted Noble, we’ll need to validate through your policy that the loss is covered. If you don’t have a copy on hand, you can call your insurance company and ask for a copy of the policy; ask them to send one via email and hard copy, for safe keeping. If you don’t have the phone number for your insurance company, your agent, whom you pay premiums, should have the number and possibly the policy.   Do not report your damages when you ask for your policy.  We first need to verify that the damages are covered and that they will exceed your deductible.

5.) Call Noble Public Adjusting Group

Even if you don’t have your policy in hand yet, call us right away.  We at Noble make sure you get the most out of your insurance claim. There are a lot of things you might say to your insurance company that could cause your claim to be denied. This can be an expensive situation, especially if the damage is extensive. If your pipes burst in Panama City Beach, contact us before you call your insurance company. We’ll help you get your claim paperwork together and make sure the loss is covered, before attempting to file a claim.  A denied claim could cause problems later if you experience another loss, so knowing if it’s covered first is very important. Call us at (850) 249-6972 (MYPA) and we will make sure your ducks are in a row.

Noble Public Adjusting Group is the best option for helping you get the money you deserve to repair the damage when pipes burst in Panama City Beach. While dealing a burst pipe can be a frustrating and expensive experience, we are here for you and we work on contingency.  If we don’t get you paid, you don’t owe us a penny.  We also don’t expect payment until the insurance company cuts you a check.

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