Winter Roof Leak in Ft. Walton Beach

When the cold weather from Mother Nature arrived in Ft. Walton Beach last week, the extra moisture very well could have affected your roof. You may have noticed this as a homeowner when you glanced up and saw a wet or dark stain on your ceiling. This is often the only warning sign you will get that you have a winter roof leak. But roof leaks can happen any time of the year.

A leaky roof is among the most aggravating things a homeowner has to deal with. Below are a few reasons why your Ft. Walton Beach roof may have taken on a leak.

Reasons for Roof Leaks

Various problems can cause a roof to leak. Some of the most common of these include:

  • The wear and tear of old age: Your roof can be subjected to cold, hail, rain, wind, and the relentless Florida sun. After many years of service, these harsh weather conditions begin to take their toll, cracking, breaking, and tearing shingles from the roof. Missing and damaged shingles on old roofs pave the way for leaks to develop.
  • Unpatched holes: If you have removed a TV antenna, satellite dish, solar panels, or other fixtures off the roof, any unpatched holes left behind could cause a leak. Even tiny holes can cause problems if you ignore them.
  • Improperly placed shingles: Correct shingle installation is vital in creating a durable roof. If the shingles aren’t spaced properly, the wind might pull them apart and allow rainwater to seep in.
  • Poorly sealed valleys: When two rooflines meet, it creates a valley for water to run down toward the gutter. This valley must be seamlessly connected to each adjoining roof. Poor seals create the possibility of a roof leak.
  • Leaky roof penetrations: Vents, flues, and chimneys are surrounded by rubber seals and/or metal flashing. When these materials start to crack or rust, water can seep behind them when it rains.
  • Poorly installed skylights: Leaky skylights are easy to spot because they leak directly into the living space. Improper installation or decayed sealing materials along the edge of the skylights are most likely to blame.
  • Ice dams: Not normally a problem in Ft. Walton, the recent snow, and ice could have formed an ice dam. This is caused by water running off your roof into the gutters and refreezing before draining off the roof, creating an ice dam. Melting snow accumulates behind the dam and lingers on the roof. This deteriorates the shingles and can cause a leak.
  • Clogged gutters: If your gutters and downspouts are clogged with leaves and other debris, water can pool on the roof where it damages the shingles. Over time, this may cause a leak.


These are the main causes of roof leaks. This is a good list to have as a homeowner for future reference. But if you have a winter roof leak in Ft. Walton Beach right now, who do you call? Noble Public Adjusting Group would like you to call us first. By doing so you will save yourself a lot of time, work, and money. We will come out and inspect your roof. One of our professional public adjusters will contact your insurance company. We will help you file the insurance claim. We will contact a reputable roofer from our list of contractors to repair or replace your roof. We do all the heavy lifting while you go on with your life.

We are the premier public adjuster for the Florida Panhandle and the Emerald Coast and the only fully-staffed public adjusting firm in the area. Call our number today and let us handle your winter roof leak in Ft. Walton Beach. We can’t wait to meet you and help you get a settlement from your insurance company that can be on an average 747% higher than if you handled it yourself. A win-win for everyone.


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