Does Your Florida Homeowner Insurance Claim Have You Running Scared?

It is a sad fact of the insurance industry that oftentimes when a Florida homeowner files a claim against their insurance policy for damages to their home-even though they have faithfully paid their premiums year after year–instead of being greeted with warmth and cooperation, the insurance adjuster sent to inspection the damage does subtle and overt things to make a Florida homeowner feel that they are doing something wrong by filing a claim.

This is much more relevant than you might think. Insurance companies benefit by implementing subtle strategies of fear and sometimes even advise homeowners not to file a claim. They may make a Florida homeowner afraid of their rates going up, of totally losing their homeowner insurance policy, fear of their insurance company dropping them, or even being accused of fraud.

Noble Public Adjusting Group has seen this sort of behavior from insurance adjusters, and it frankly makes us angry. As an advocate for policyholders, nothing gets our dander up like an unscrupulous insurance adjuster. To help you as a Florida homeowner dispel any fears you might have concerning filing a legitimate insurance claim, below are the biggest fears homeowners have concerning insurance and how to avoid being played by your insurance company when they prey on your fears:

Does Your Florida Homeowner Insurance Claim Have You Running Scared?

Your Rate May Go Up–Insurance underwriters use a rule of thumb of ten years. Florida homeowner insurance policyholders who don’t file a claim more often than every ten years are usually safe from rate hikes that are a direct result of excess claims. However, this is not always a sure thing. Your rates on your Florida homeowners insurance can be raised as much as 2% for filing a claim with your insurance carrier. As your public adjuster, we can make sure that filing a claim is legitimate and warranted, and the settlement we get you will be on average 747% higher than if you had handled the claim yourself. This assures you that at least if your insurance rate does go up, you have received far more than the difference the rate hike would be.

Your Insurance Company May Drop You–Your Florida homeowners insurance company can choose not to renew your policy upon its termination date.  Without fraud, the company cannot simply dismiss your policy because you filed a claim. So this is a fear that is unfounded, however, don’t be surprised if the insurance adjuster sent to examine your damage mentions it.

Your Insurance Company Will be Mad if You Hire a Public Adjuster–Your insurance company does not want you to hire a Florida public adjuster for one simple reason: when you get help from us, the insurance company has to act in a kind manner in order to avoid legal and regulatory traps. It would be an ethics violation if a company or independent adjuster suggests that you should not hire your own private adjuster. The insurance company cannot sanction you for hiring a Florida public adjuster like Noble to help with your claim process.

You May Be Accused of Filing a Fraudulent Claim–Although this rarely happenswe have experienced instances where an insurance adjuster subtlely mentions to a homeowner that they are being somehow dishonest about their claim. Don’t let your insurance company instill this kind of fear in you unless of course you really ARE filing a fraudulent claim and know it…then..well…you get what you deserve.

Fear of Not using the Insurance Company’s Contractor–More and more insurance carriers are trying to get repairs handled by their own contractors. These contractors work for the carrier and not for you, which takes power out of your hands. This is another way that your insurance company is controlling your insurance claim, to benefit their bottom line. You do not have to use these contractors, and it does not limit your ability to get a reasonable and fair settlement for your claim. You can choose your own contractor for replacement or repairs of your damage. Noble also keeps a great listed of vetted Florida contractors in all niches that we can suggest.

As you can see, fear is a tool that insurance companies use to deter homeowners from filing legitimate insurance claims. Don’t let yourself be bullied by them. If you have a homeowner insurance claim in Florida that needs to be filed, let us do it for you. Noble Public Adjusting Group is the #1 insurance appraiser in the nation. We have offices several in Florida but can handle an insurance claim of any size anywhere in the US. Call us today at (850)-249-MY-PA and let’s discuss your claim. You pay us nothing until your insurance company settles, with a percentage of the settlement going to Noble for the work we do. For us to inspect the damage at your home is free, and so is going over your homeowner insurance policy with you.


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