Does Your Home Have Leaking Solar Panels in Panama City?

If your home has leaking solar panels in Panama City, the following article is a great source for understanding the how and why of solar panel leaks from leading solar panel industry experts. Noble Public Adjusting Group can file your homeowner insurance claim for repairs/replacements of solar panels and any subsequent roof damage they have caused. We will also arrange for repairs/replacements by a trusted, Panama City contractor we have vetted. Call us today at (850) 249-MY-PA for questions about solar panel leaks, or any other concern you have about how we, as your Panama City public adjuster, can help you as a homeowner.

Does Your Home Have Leaking Solar Panels in Panama City?

The solar industry, “has adopted a number of best practices to maximize the durability of roof penetrations” says Barry Cinnamon, who host a renewable energy podcast, “but these best practices are not always followed, resulting in roof leaks and potential hazards from loosened solar panels. If these leaks happen, it’s usually a roofer who is called in to repair the damage.

Aaron Nitzkin, CEO of Solar Roof Dynamics, has this to say, “If you talk to any roofing contractor in any market where solar has any activity and say, ‘Hey, what do you see out there?’ they will all tell you about the messed up and screwed up roofs they see. It’s much more commonplace than people realize.” How common? Nitzkin said that in one rainstorm last year in California, as many as 40% of the roofs with solar installations were leaking. “When you’re growing really fast and people have minimal roofing experience, they don’t know what they’re doing,” he said. “In a drought, you can get away with it, but when it starts to rain we see leaks.

Some leaks are caused by solar installers treating the roof like a construction zone by dragging heavy panels and racks across a roof. “Dropped tools, panels getting dragged across the roof’s surface or other negligent use of the roof’s surface can lead to leaks and holes,” blogged Lennie Moreno, founder, and CEO of Sofdesk, which sells web apps for solar and roofing companies. “It could take years, but a careless installation of solar panels could end up resulting in huge repair bills that could have easily been avoided,” Moreno added, “junk or tools that get left behind can find their way into downspouts and gutters, which can block drainage and can cause ice dams in the winter. Improperly installed systems can also cause water to dam up and even run back up the roof.”

The team at Noble hopes that our blog readers have gotten something good out of the above information from the solar panel and green energy experts. At least it may have helped you as a homeowner in Panama City better understand solar panels and reasons they might form a leak. Noble Public Adjusting Group’s main office is in Panama City Beach. If you have an issue with leaking solar panels in Panama City, we advise you to make us your first contact. Call us today at (850) 249-MY-PA.



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