First Time Florida Commercial Property Loss? You Need a Public Adjuster

If you are a commercial property owner in Florida who is experiencing your first damage claim, it is time to hire a public adjuster. Noble Public Adjusting Group wants you to understand that filing your own commercial insurance claim, especially if this is your first time, can be fraught with problems and will often keep your company from getting the settlement you deserve for your damage or your property back to its pre-loss condition. It can even result in your claim being denied.

In this article from Insurance Journal, it states, “Working through a commercial property loss closely mirrors the process involved in developing the loss payment for a homeowners’ property loss. However, the number of steps required to calculate a commercial property loss is double the number necessary for a homeowners’ claim.”

First Time Florida Commercial Property Loss? You Need a Public Adjuster

commercial property lossNoble can’t count the number of times we have experienced a Florida commercial property loss for a first-time business owner who came to us after being frustrated by their insurance provider.

Especially during disaster situations, like hurricanes that cause business property flooding, insurance providers are stretched beyond their means, often hiring insurance adjusters from other states who have no idea of property values in Florida. Many staff insurance adjusters who are hired during catastrophic situations have never even filed a commercial property insurance claim.

However, it is not just during natural disasters that a first-time commercial property owner in Florida who has a loss of any kind at their business location needs a public adjuster. There are so many variables that arise with a commercial property loss, having a public adjuster like Noble on your side is the only smart choice. We know the insurance language, statutes, and laws that govern commercial property damage claims inside and out. Trying to handle your first commercial property loss insurance claim by yourself is just asking for less of a settlement than your company deserves.

Actual Noble Commercial Claim Resolved

Here is one great example of why using a public adjuster for a commercial insurance claim just makes good sense. We handled a claim for a commercial Sportsplex gymnasium. The flat roof of the gymnasium experienced hail damage. This damage allowed water to run down through the ceiling, causing mold and other interior damages that were affecting the gym’s business and profits. The Insurance company offered barely enough money to cover temporary repairs. Noble negotiated a payout that would fully indemnify the policyholder and put the business back into pre-loss condition. Indemnification is the concept that the policyholder is left no worse off by the insurance award than he was before the loss. “Restoring him back to pre-loss condition” is a phrase you’re probably familiar with and a precept promised in every insurance policy.

Insurance Company’s offer: $3,801.34
Noble’s Settlement: $95,030.10
Total Increase: $91,228.76
Percent of increase: 2,499.91 %
Noble secured an amount 25 times higher than what was originally offered.

Have a Florida Commercial Property Loss? Call Noble Today!

Noble Public Adjusting Group would like once again to express our desire that if you have a commercial property loss, especially if this is your first, that you call us. You will take a headache and confusion out of filing your insurance claim by letting Noble do it for you. We have offices in Florida but can handle a commercial property claim anywhere in the US. For more examples of battles with insurance companies we have won in favor of the policyholder, watch some videos from our reality TV show, Insurance Wars. Then give us a call today. We will file it, fight it, and win.


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