Florida Association of Public Insurance Adjusters

Noble Public Adjusting Group is a proud member of FAPIA, the Florida Association of Public Insurance Adjusters. Any Florida public adjuster you do business with, in the state of Florida, should also be a member of this highly respected organization.

The reason is that being a member of FAPIA requires members to adhere to a strict code of ethics. A few of these rules include conducting themselves in a spirit of fairness and justice, refraining from any improper solicitation of clients, and not disseminating or using any form of agreement, advertising, or any printed matter that is harmful to the profession of public adjusting, or which does not comply with the rules and regulations of the Florida Insurance Department, or which might subject public adjusting and public adjusters to criticism or disrespect. There are a total of ten bylaws to the code of ethics of the FAPIA, and as you can see, they make sure each Florida Public Adjuster who is a member represents the organization with integrity.

florida association of public insurance adjustersAs you might expect, not everyone who applies for membership in the FAPIA qualifies. Noble Public Adjusting Group and the other members of this organization are glad this is true. That means only the best and brightest Florida Public Adjusters get to be our peers. There is a great article on the FAPIA website written specifically for policyholders titled, The Professional Public Insurance Adjuster: Protecting Policyholders and Their Claims, that is well worth a read for all property owners. The article describes in-depth exactly what Florida public insurance adjusters do and why having one when you experience any type of property damage is so important. There are also quotes from important people on the value of public insurance adjusters in Florida. Below is one such quote:

“Since I was President of the Senate during hurricane Andrew, I can tell how much I appreciate the fact that public adjusters are waging this campaign and making people understand that there’s help out there”–Florida State Senator Gwen Margolis.

Especially during times of disaster, your Florida public adjuster can feel like your best friend. So many people feel they have nowhere to turn, and they quickly realize that their insurance company doesn’t always have their best interest at heart. Insurance is a business, and businesses are in it for profit, after all. That is just the cold reality of the situation. However, a Florida public adjuster is not only used during disaster situations. They handle all types of insurance claims, such as fire, water, hail, theft, sinkholes, roofs; pretty much any kind of damage you receive to your property, a Florida public insurance adjuster has handled at one time or another.

Noble Public Adjusting Group has seen it all. And oftentimes, we feel kinda like heroes when we have helped a policyholder receive a fair settlement from their insurance provider due as a direct result of our efforts. pensacola, panama city, tallahasseeIf you have a property damage claim of any kind and are looking for the best Florida public adjuster, give us a call. We are the #1 insurance appraiser in the nation. Once you hire us, we take over everything involved with your insurance claim, including filing the claim and helping you return your property to its pre-loss condition. We have offices in several Florida locations, and our main office is in Panama City Beach, but we handle insurance claims of all kinds anywhere in the USA.

Turn your insurance claim over to an honored and active member of the FAPIA, knowing full well that you will have a warrior on your side who has integrity and adheres to their strict code of ethics.

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