Florida Public Adjuster in the Trenches: Actual Noble Case Files

The team at Noble works very hard to make sure the policyholders we represent receive the best possible payout for their insurance claim. Not only do we work hard, we also believe in putting our money where our mouth is. One way to do that is to share the details of actual case files of instances where we obtained much greater settlements for Florida policyholders than if they had handled their insurance claims themselves.

A Florida Public Adjuster in the Trenches: Noble Case Files

Residential Water Damage Claim–A shower pan leak caused damages to a high valued home in the Gulf of Mexico.  There was some wind damage, and the insurance company was willing to pay for that. However, what was overlooked by the staff adjuster was a shower pan leak that contributed to the exterior damages as well.  After we were hired and brought on the scene, the insurance company sent out a team of supposed experts, including a structural engineer, architect, and building consultants to defend their stance and solidify the low payout. Unfortunately for them, debating teams of experts are nothing new to the staff at Noble.

By using evidence, logic, and policy, Noble succeeded in exposing all of the damages and the intent of the insurer. If the policyholder had accepted the low payout, he would have ultimately accepted a patchwork job on his expensive exterior stucco, rendering it inconsistent by color and thickness. For a home in the Gulf of Mexico area and with its high price-range, those inconsistencies could be very detrimental to the value of the property.  Noble demanded a payout more appropriate for the policyholder that concluded with the entire exterior stucco being replaced along with other miscellaneous repairs.

The insurance company’s offer was $11,003.31. Noble’s settlement was $600,053.79. That means a total increase of $589,050.48, an increase of 5,455%. Noble secured an amount 55 times higher than what was originally offered. Astronomical, right? We can do the same for you.


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