Public Adjuster Advice: Importance of Promptly Filing an Insurance Claim

When you experience any kind of loss, whether it be to your home or business property, the first thing Noble Public Adjusting Group suggest is calling us. We handle every conceivable type of claim of any size. Once we are hired, we promptly file your insurance claim with your provider and handle everything involved with the claim from that point forward. Read a previous post we wrote titled, Why You Shouldn’t Handle Your Own Insurance Claim, that explains in greater detail why hiring us when you have a loss is the best decision you can make.

To help you as the insured understand more about why the prompt filing of an insurance claim is so important, below we have listed language from a standard insurance policy, along with a couple of advantages of prompt reporting.

promptly reporting insurance loss

Public Adjuster Advice: Importance of Promptly Filing an Insurance Claim

The first item listed in your insurance policy conditions under “B Duties After Loss” is a requirement that you “Give prompt notice to us (the insurance company) or our agent;…” Timely notice is crucial because it sets the tone for mutual cooperation between you and your insurance company.

A Few Prompt Reporting Advantages:

  • Prompt reporting allows the insurance claims adjuster to evaluate your claim in a timely manner.
  • Your insurance company requires that you enable them to inspect your damage, so when your claim is filed immediately, the insurance company must assume the responsibility for failure to move your claim forward during the early stages.
  • Prompt reporting gives your insurance company an early opportunity to inspect your damage and evaluate your claim, putting you in a cooperative position for negotiating your claim later if that needs to happen.
  • Early claim reporting limits the insurance company’s ability to later assert that a delayed claim report may have jeopardized their rights.
  • If your loss is the result of a natural disaster, you will be first on the list of policyholders whose claim is dealt with.

As you can see, by prompting reporting your loss and having your insurance claim filed as soon as possible, you stay two steps ahead of the insurance company. Not to bash them, but the blunt truth is, insurance companies, by the very definition of ‘company’, are in the business of making money. They are going to do everything possible to make sure they pay out as little as they can get away with on an insurance claim.

If you have a loss at your home or business, let Noble Public Adjusting Group handle filing your insurance claim for you. We will promptly file your claim, offer the best suggestions for those in the service and/or repair industry to get your home back to its pre-loss condition, stay in constant communication with your insurance provider, and get you the best possible settlement. The fact is, by using a public adjuster, you will receive on average 747% more in your settlement than if you had filed the insurance claim yourself.

There will be no out of pocket expense for you as a policyholder when you hire Noble as your public adjuster. Our inspection of your damage is free, and we don’t get paid until you do, taking a small percentage of the final settlement amount.

Knowing all of this, nothing else really makes sense, does it?

Noble Public Adjusting Group has offices across Florida, in Texas, and Georgia, but we can handle insurance claims anywhere in the US. We are the #1 insurance appraiser in the nation. To see us in action, watch videos from our reality TV show, Insurance Wars, where we go to battle with insurance companies to protect policyholders against poorly settled claims.


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