Understanding Public Adjuster Fees

At Noble Public Adjusting Group, one of the main questions posed to us by policyholders is, How Much Do You Charge? For the definitive answer to that question, the following information comes from the FAQs section of the Noble website. You will also find answers to any other questions you have about Noble’s services.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How Much Do You Charge?

Claim and Property Inspection with Policy Consultation–Free. For Noble to come to your property and inspect damages to see if you have a claim and go over your insurance policy, there is no charge whatsoever, and no obligation to sign a contract.

Claim Representation–Our fee for Public Adjusting representation is listed on the contract that you will sign if you decide to have us represent you, so you’ll never have to question what we’re charging you. The fee is 20% of the claim total (in Florida) unless the damage occurred during a declared state of emergency; in which it becomes 10% of the claim total. But here at Noble, we work on contingency, which means if we don’t increase your claim award, you don’t have to pay us anything at all!

Appraisal and Umpiring Services–Our fee for Insurance Appraisal Services is $500 per hour, not to exceed 10% or 20% of the claim, depending on the claim type. Our Umpiring fee is also $500 per hour. Expert Witness fee is $1000 per hour and includes court preparation time.

Loss Estimating–Our fee for creating a professional Xactimate estimate is 1% of the estimate’s total. If you’ve signed a Public Adjusting contract your estimate is included and you will not be billed separately for that service.

Understanding Public Adjuster Fees

The above information covers how much Noble Public Adjusting Group charges policyholders to represent their insurance claim. However, to become even more educated about public adjusters and the fees they charge, you can read this Wikipedia entry.

We particularly like one thing Wikipedia stresses in that entry, “Skills of performance can vary significantly between public adjusters ranging from basic to elite expert. Fees of 10% to 12% are ordinary and typical for claimed losses of $100,000 or greater when handled by standard-rated public adjusters. Expert-rated public adjusters get a higher fee than standard-rated adjusters. For example, an expert public adjuster can charge 12% to 15% on a loss that exceeds $100,000. However, superior experts possess the capabilities to obtain the most effective results. Therefore, highly qualified adjusters can be expected to be better skilled at achieving a greater increased benefits settlement amount than an adjuster who is not an actual expert.

This is where we want to make sure policyholders understand that Noble Public Adjusting Group IS an expert-rated public adjuster. We are superior experts and highly qualified adjusters. In fact, we are rated the #1 insurance appraiser in the nation!

If you are a policyholder who has experienced a loss at your home or business location, hiring Noble just makes good sense. It is a fact that by using a public adjuster, homeowners receive, on average, 747% more as a settlement from their insurance company than if they handled the claim themselves.

What we do as public adjusters really is a Noble cause as advocates for policyholders. Call us today to discuss your insurance claim. Our main office is located in Panama City Beach, where we are a member of the Panama City Beach Chamber of Commerce and are very active in the community. We have other offices in Florida, and also in Georgia and Texas. However, we can handle a claim anywhere in the US. The team at Noble would love it if you followed us on Facebook, where you can keep up with what’s going on at our company and in the world of public adjusting in general.


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