Using a Public Adjuster Can Help Florida Contractors

If you are a Florida contractor, then you are quite aware of the laws that now make it illegal for contractors to negotiate an insurance claim. This makes things harder on honest contractors who are certain that a client–whether it be for a roof replacement, a plumbing problem, a mold issue that needs remediation, or a water mitigation problem-is not being treated fairly by their insurance provider.

Using a Public Adjuster Can Help Florida Contractors

Don’t be discouraged as a Florida contractor by the fact that you personally cannot help your client negotiate their insurance claim, even though you know in your heart that the settlement they are being offered by their provider is far less than it should be. There is help for Florida contractors in the form of licensed insurance appraisers like public adjusters. As the preferred public adjuster in the state of Florida, Noble Public Adjusting Group is the number one insurance appraiser in the nation. We legally and efficiently negotiate claims for the policyholders that are your clients.

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When Noble Public Adjusting Group represents a policyholder, an astronomical difference in the settlement happens. We make this happen because we know intimately all Florida statutes, case law, code upgrades, and other insurance information that, by nature, force the insurance company to fully compensate an insured for their damages.

Instead of your contracting client getting a patchy, half-done repair job, the Noble team often gets the entirety of the problem replaced. For example, our influence with the insurance company could result in a brand new roof for your client rather than replaced shingles. For Florida contractors, this makes for a larger job with better profits.

Another way we help Florida contractors is through direct referrals and leads. Noble Public Adjusting Group offers policyholders that hire us a choice of a contractor that we have already vetted. Homeowners and commercial property owners almost always ask for a referral, since we are their trusted public adjuster in Florida, working with losses on a continual basis.

On top of that, If there is bidding, we offer our policyholders a contract per “fair insurance proceeds.” The policyholder is always happy that you will do the job for the insurance payout alone because it means no additional cost out of pocket for them.  When we naturally increase the claim payout, this means that instead of Florida contractors getting paid what your low bid would have been, you make the higher amount that we negotiate and settle for.

When Florida contractors use Noble Public Adjusting Group, below are things that will happen with clients that will work in your favor:

  • A free claim inspection, policy review, and consultation with us, as an expert Florida insurance inspector.
  • An associate team of insurance professionals to guide your client through the claim and restoration process and answer questions.
  • Filing of the claim and ALL paperwork, negotiation of the claim, and full representation for the duration of the claims process for a small percentage of the claim.
  • You NEVER have to argue with the insurance company.  We do that all day, every day, so the monkey is off of your back.
  • All of this for absolutely NO money upfront and we work on contingency, to be paid AFTER the insurance company pays the claimant.

Public adjusters, on average, get 747% higher payouts for policyholders than they get on their own. A study conducted by Oppaga proved this when looking over just one insurance company’s claims. You can view the full Oppaga report here.

What Noble Public Adjusting Group gets out of this are referrals. Florida contractors return the favor by referring their insurance jobs to us. We make a percentage of the claim, and along the way, our name gets out there. We do not charge Florida contractors to be our associate, we just help one another by giving business to each other. Noble is totally compliant with Florida laws. Our company is based on integrity.  We win our negotiation battles with legitimate points and tools, so you can feel confident that we are honestly helping your clients and each other.

If you are a Florida contractor who is interested in becoming an Associate, please don’t hesitate to call us to schedule a consultation, and fill out the affiliate form on this site. Our main office is in Panama City Beach, but we have public adjusting offices across Florida, in Texas and Georgia. We offer insurance appraisal services nationwide and are the #1 insurance appraiser in the nation.

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