Water Damage From a Slow Leak in Grayton Beach

As a homeowner or business property owner in Grayton Beach, you might think the leading cause of water damage is disasters, such as torrential rains from a Florida hurricane, or a sudden water line, pipe or water heater bursting. The fact is, the majority of water damage to a home or place of business in Grayton Beach happens due to a less newsworthy culprit..a slow leak.

The unfortunate thing is that if you discover that you have a slow leak, your insurance company will almost surely deny any claim you make for water damage. Remember, insurance companies are in the business of making money. They spend their time and energy trying to deny every possible claim they can. They consider the fact that you didn’t notice the slow water leak and immediately correct it to be negligence on your part. Look at your homeowner or business property insurance policy. You will see that it strictly states that your insurer does not protect against damages caused by homeowner negligence. Isn’t that lovely? But it gets worse.

There is a much bigger water damage problem that can occur at your Grayton Beach home or place of business when there is a slow leak. As the water has continued to drip unnoticed, it has made a perfect environment for mold to grow. Food and water is all mold need to grow. Your slow leak has provided the water. Your home or business property has become the food! By the time you have discovered the slow leak, you may very well have a situation on your hands that can put the health of your family or your business employees at risk. Mold can also cause very costly environmental issues. And here comes the real kicker. Not only will your insurance company not pay for mold damage if it is caused by a slow leak. It turns out to be black mold, your insurance policy is not going to cover any claim.

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Who to Call About Water Damage in Grayton Beach

Things might be looking pretty bleak right now. If you are feeling low after reading the above text, never fear. You are not dead in the water yet, (pun intended.) Fighting insurance companies over denied home or business property water damage and mold claims are just a few of the types of insurance claims Noble Public Adjusting Group is famous for. We will fight for you with everything we have. As the preferred public adjuster in Grayton Beach and all across the Florida Panhandle, you can count on us from the moment you call.

After reading the possible scenarios involving water damage in Grayton Beach, you now know who to call. We strongly suggest you call us first. As you can see, if your water damage is caused by a slow leak, the insurance company is ready to deny you, no doubt. If you have already been denied by your insurance company for your homeowner or business property claim water damage claim, don’t worry. We can re-open it.

Call Noble Public Adjusting Group today at (850) 249-MY-PA. You will thank your lucky stars that you did.


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