Has Your Homeowners Insurance Claim Been Denied?

As a homeowner who has faithfully paid your premiums on time, you would think that when you have a loss and file a claim, the claim would be paid, no problem. That’s how it is supposed to work, right? But the truth is often very different. Homeowner insurance claims can often get messy. Noble Public Adjusting Group sees time and again situations where homeowners who, in good faith, have paid their insurance premiums, only to be denied once they file a claim.

We have seen how insurance companies bring in their hired insurance adjusters and their company-approved vendors, who promise to clean everything up rather than replace items. This is especially true with fire damage claims. There is usually a big problem with insurance companies when it comes to hail damage claims too. Insurers want to patch roofs or simply say that there isn’t enough damage to warrant replacing it. Those are just a few examples of situations where a claim has been denied or not paid appropriately. We want our blog readers to become educated about what you should do in you file an insurance claim and your insurer denies it. We also want you to know that if you have a homeowner insurance claim that has been denied, we can reopen the claim and most likely get it reversed and get you paid.

Here are a few reasons why insurance companies deny claims and what you can do to prevent it from happening to you and why you likely need a public adjuster on your side:

Why Has My Homeowner Insurance Claim Been Denied?

The problem may be in the documentation. Let’s say lightning strikes a tree, which falls on your garage and crushes your car. Provided you’ve made sure everyone is safe, immediately take out your phone or camera and start taking photos. Treat it like a crime scene. If the insurance adjuster sent by your insurer can’t get out to look at the damage for a while and you can’t leave everything the way it is, take a LOT of photos.

Then, if your insurer gives you paperwork to fill out, take it seriously. When an insurance company first arrives on the scene of a claim, they give policyholders a handful of forms and tell them to fill out the forms and send them back in. The policyholders must prove their damages to the insurance company. If they fail to document the damages in the correct manner, the insurance company doesn’t have to pay for them.  If you’re not sure what all to document or how, just call us and we can do it for you, for no money up front.  No fee due until the insurance company pays you.

Your policy may not cover what you think it does.

When it comes to homeowners insurance, another common problem occurs when your coverage hasn’t changed but the contents of your house have. The worth of household items can add up. Or say you remodel your kitchen to the tune of $20,000, then a grease fire breaks out two years later? If you haven’t consulted with your insurer, you may not be as fully covered as you thought.  How many times has your agent made it perfectly clear to you how much is covered and what will NOT be covered, no matter what?  Do you understand the legal jargon in your policy?  Did you know the deductible for hurricane damage is astronomically higher than regular wind damage, for instance?  Knowing your policy is so important, and we can offer free help.  We will come to you for free and do a policy consultation and a quick inventory of your home, in case a claim ever happens, you already know what’s covered and we are already familiar with your property.

You haven’t met your deductible yet.

This is so easy and yet so hard to understand. As you probably know, a deductible is an amount you have to pay before your insurer does. It can get very confusing. In other words, you may first have to pay a decent amount of money to get your problem fixed before your insurer starts kicking in.

Those are just a few of the reasons your homeowner insurance claim may have been denied. Insurance companies, remember, are in the business of making money. They will avoid shelling it out.

Noble Goes to Battle With Insurance Companies Over Denied Claims and Wins

One of our favorite things to do is to suit up and take on an insurance company. Because as experts in the field, and the #1 insurance appraiser in the nation, we are intimately familiar with the language of insurance and the tricks an insurance provider might play on homeowners to make sure a claim is denied. We even have a TV show called Insurance Wars, which documents actual cases where we fight insurers and win.
Season 2 of Insurance Wars is just getting started. Watch the trailer announcing our new season, and also watch episodes from Season 1, where you will see in real-time what we have done for our clients

Noble provides public adjuster services across the U.S.A. Our main office is in Panama City Beach, Florida but we have a strong presence in states such as Georgia, Texas, Colorado and the Carolina’s as well. Contact us today!

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