Do You Have a Seaside, Florida Fire Damage Insurance Claim?

A fire at your home or place of business can be caused by many reasons, but the main causes of a home fire are lightning strikes during storms, electrical fires, grease fires, kitchen fires, careless smoking, or candles left burning unattended. When it comes to commercial property, the main causes of fires are arson, human errors, water heaters, boilers, or furnaces, and electrical malfunctions.

Home and business property fires are usually always covered by your insurance policy, but you may not understand what exactly is covered and what you are entitled to receive as fair compensation for the contents of your home or business and its valuables and assets.

home fire damage panama cityIf you have damage at your home or business location in Seaside, Florida and are ready to file an insurance claim, Noble Public Adjusting Group strongly suggest you hire us to handle this for you. We the only fully-staffed public adjuster serving Seaside, the Florida Panhandle, and Northwest Florida. Fire damage restoration can end up costing homeowners thousands of dollars, and far more when it comes to a business property, considering inventory and loss of business. Insurance can be tricky, but we are experts when it comes to the language of insurance and fire damage claims for both homeowners and business property owners.

One important aspect of your homeowner or business property insurance policy you should know is that almost all policies are “fire insurance policies” at the core. When you experience a fire, this should help ease your mind. However, one very important thing to remember is that you may, unfortunately, discover that your insurance company is not your friend once you file a claim. By their very definition as a ‘company’, your insurance company is in the business of making money. They will try to find a way to offer you the smallest settlement possible, or even deny your claim if they can.

Noble is intimately familiar with handling home fire loss claims, and we know insurance inside and out. In fact, we are the #1 insurance appraiser in the nation. Once you hire us, we take over your fire damage claim, handling everything going forward. If the fire loss just happened, we will contact your insurance company for you. We will do all the paperwork regarding the claim, and even contact the professionals who will restore or replace your home or business and its contents.

We will be releasing you from the burden of worry and paperwork. You have enough to deal with after losing your home or business to fire. If you’ve already received a payment from your insurance company, you may be entitled to more; if you’ve been denied you may have some coverage you didn’t know about. Noble’s home office is located in Panama City Beach, just down the road from Seaside. Call us today. We will come out to your Seaside residence or place of business and go over your insurance policy with you. By using us as your public adjuster, you could easily find yourself getting as much as 747% more of a settlement from your insurance company than if you had handled the claim yourself.



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