Do You Need Home Fire Recovery Help in the Florida Panhandle?

In a previous blog post, Noble Public Adjusting Group informed our readers how to create a home inventory after a fire loss. That information is very helpful if you have lost your Florida Panhandle home to fire. This current post goes one step further by offering advice and tips to get through this tragic event. However, before we continue, first let the team at Noble offer our sincerest condolences. We have seen first hand the devastation–both of lost property and the emotional toll that was taken–when people experience the loss of their home to fire.

Do You Need Home Fire Recovery Help in the Florida Panhandle?

One great resource we discovered for help with a home fire loss in the Florida Panhandle is this article from The American Red Cross titled, Recovering After Fire. The article does a fine job of outlining what to do immediately in case of fire, how to handle coming home after a fire if your property is not a total loss and tips on your family recovering emotionally from the fire.

What Noble Public Adjusting Group hopes homeowners in the Florida Panhandle will do after you have handled the immediate emergency of a home fire is to make Noble your very next phone call. By doing this, you will assure yourself and your family that your insurance claim will be properly and promptly filed, handled from that point forward, so that you and your family can recover from this terrible loss without the headaches of dealing with your insurance company. home inventory fire loss

Especially during a catastrophic fire event that affects many homeowners at once, such as wildfires that destroy a multitude of homes, having a public adjuster on your side will keep you as a policyholder from experiencing the nightmare your insurance company may very well put you through. Of course, the Florida Panhandle doesn’t experience many wildfires, but that is a great example of what happens to policyholders when they are among many homeowners filing insurance claims at the same time.

An example distinct to Florida is when Hurricane Matthew devastated many areas of Florida in 2017. Insurance companies could not keep up with the volume of claims. They sent staff adjusters who didn’t know what they were doing. Oftentimes the insurance company will send out of state adjusters they have to call in during major events because they are so understaffed. These adjusters have no idea of the property values in the Florida Panhandle. Besides the fact that their job is to pay out as little of the insurance company’s money as they can get away with, or even totally deny claims.

Although your home fire loss may not be part of a catastrophic event, you still need a public adjuster to handle your insurance claim. The same circumstances we mentioned above about staff adjusters sent by insurance companies to make claim estimates and trying to save the insurance company they are employed by money still rings true. When you hire Noble Public Adjusting Group to file and handle your insurance claim for your Florida Panhandle home fire loss, we file the claim, help you find a vetted fire restoration specialist in the Florida Panhandle area, and keep on the insurance company with phone calls and emails until you receive the proper settlement for your loss. We will be with you every step of the way as you recover from this devastating event. Call us to discuss this blog post, your fire loss claim, or if you have any questions at all. We love hearing from our blog readers!

Noble is the only fully-staffed public adjuster in the Florida Panhandle. We are located in Panama City Beach, where we are award-winning members of the Chamber of Commerce and active in the community. But we don’t just limit our services to the Florida Panhandle. We have several Florida offices, and also offices in Texas and Georgia, and we can handle an insurance claim of any size, anywhere in the USA. Call us today.


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