Florida Homeowners Can Thank Government for Another Year of Insurance Rate Hikes

The team at Noble Public Adjusting Group is pretty disgusted with the Florida Legislature right now, and as a homeowner, in Florida, you should be too. Having insurance on your home is something that cannot be avoided, and of course, shouldn’t be. Your Florida homeowner insurance policy is designed to protect your home and valuables in case of disaster and other damages that can occur over time. But one thing you as a policyholder should recognize is that your insurance provider is in the business of making money and so they do everything they can to pay out as little as possible to policyholders for claims and often even deny legitimate claims to continue filling their coffers.

florida legislature homeowner insuranceWhat does any of this have to do with why Noble is upset with our state government? In a nutshell, insurance companies have found one more way to line their pockets thanks to the Florida Legislature and their non-action of Monday, March 19, 2018. As this news article from the Florida Sun-Sentinel reports, 2018 marks the 5th straight year that proposals to restrict homeowner insurance claims abuse were left on the table, resulting in progressively larger rate increases. This latest session followed a year of rate hikes for South Florida homeowners of up to 25 percent by the state’s largest insurers. Proposals failed to get out of the Senate following passage of related legislation by the full House of Representatives. But stalemates between Florida senators loyal to either insurers or trial attorneys ensured neither made it to the governor of Florida’s desk.

Disgusted yet? If not, Noble Public Adjusting Group thinks that you as a Florida homeowner who pays insurance premiums will be once you read this statement from that Florida Sun-Sentinel news article, “By failing to act on reforms tied to “assignment of benefits” abuse by third-party contractors and plaintiff attorneys, “the Legislature just approved average rate increases of 15 percent to 30 percent for many Floridians — especially those in the tri-county, Tampa-area and Interstate 4 corridor counties,” said Dulce Suarez-Resnick, vice president of sales and marketing for NCF Insurance Associates, a Miami-based agency.”

Jimmy Farach, president of the Florida Association of Public Insurance Adjusters, has this to say about the situation, “It is very disappointing that the insurance industry did not get these common sense fixes, that everyone agrees with, passed. Instead, they were focusing on passing legislation that would limit legal representation in claim disputes.”

Liz Reynolds, Southeast regional vice president for the National Association of Mutual Insurance Cos., called what happened in the Florida Legislature Monday, March 19, 2018,  “a sad day for Florida insurance consumers,” adding the Legislature “had the opportunity to right a terrible wrong” but “special interests took control” of the issue. “This lack of action will only increase the rampantly growing incidents of insurance abuse that are costing Floridians millions of dollars.”

Noble would like to apologize to Florida homeowners on behalf of our state government. That won’t change the fact that your insurance will continue to rise, but we feel like SOMEBODY needs to apologize! Certainly, big insurance companies and their lobbyist aren’t going to. And all of this is just one more reason that when you have a Florida homeowner insurance claim you should definitely hire a public adjuster. Noble Public Adjusting Group is in the business of fighting for policyholders. We make sure you get the best settlement from your insurance company that is possible and also that your home will be returned to its pre-loss condition when you have damages. Don’t let insurance companies take more advantage of you than they already are with this latest win for them in the Florida Legislature.

To see how Noble goes to battle with insurance companies as a champion of policyholders, watch an episode of your reality TV show Insurance Wars. When corporate insurance tries to take advantage of policyholders, Noble turns into a beast, as you will see on our show.

If you want to discuss the latest failure of the Florida Legislature in protecting the rights of homeowners or have any questions about insurance, public adjusting, or just want to touch base, we love hearing from blog readers, so call us today! We are also ready to handle your homeowner insurance claim anywhere in Florida. We also have offices in Georgia and Texas, but Noble can handle a claim anywhere in the US.

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