Over 48% of Hurricane Irma Commercial Property Claims in Florida Still Not Settled

If you are a commercial property owner in Florida who filed an insurance claim for damages received during Hurricane Irma, then you may very well be one of the 48% of claims that are still not settled. Here we are, six months later with commercial property owners still absorbing losses due to this dropped ball by insurance companies.

Below is the latest data from the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation:

Hurricane Irma Claims Data

This aggregate information is compiled from claims data filed by insurers. It has not been audited or independently verified and covers all claims based on filings received by the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation as of February 9, 2018, at 3:16 pm. The next update to this information will be published on April 9, 2018.

Lines of Business Number of Claims Closed Claims (paid) Closed Claims (not paid) Number Claims Open Percent Claims Closed
Residential Property 750,847 404,410 254,339 92,098 87.7%
Homeowners 592,833 307,164 210,152 75,517 87.3%
Dwelling 95,409 53,786 30,602 11,021 88.4%
Mobile Homeowners 53,902 41,204 10,296 2,402 95.5%
Commercial Residential 8,703 2,256 3,289 3,158 63.7%
Commercial Property 55,373 11,726 17,011 26,636 51.9%
Private Flood 1,754 851 583 320 81.8%
Business Interruption 3,840 1,469 1,584 787 79.5%
Other Lines of Business 88,414 61,181 19,712 7,521 91.5%
TOTALS 900,228 479,637 293,229 127,362 85.9%

If your Florida commercial property is among the 48%, please do call Noble Public Adjusting Group right now. There is no need for you to keep waiting to get your business back to the way it was before Hurricane Irma hit in September of 2017. Noble Public Adjusting Group will immediately contact your insurance provider and find out the reason for this unacceptable delay and gets the wheels turning in massively increased speed.

We honestly think its close to criminal that policyholders are being made to wait this long for their payment from insurance companies for Hurricane Irma damages, that includes homeowner claims too. There is no excuse for a delay of this length. Noble can make things happen quickly once you hire us. We can also make sure that the insurance settlement you receive will be much higher than what it is currently looking like from the insurance companies perspective.

We are only a few months away from the 2018 Hurricane Season in Florida. This season is predicted to be the strongest cycle in 70 years. Don’t let your business end up having its current Hurricane Irma claim never resolved or be denied because, heaven forbid,  your commercial property gets hit again. That would create a much bigger insurance nightmare than this waiting is causing you now.

Noble’s home office is in Panama City Beach, but wherever you are in Florida, we can handle your delayed commercial property claim caused by Hurricane Irma. For proof of how we win when we take on insurance companies, watch an episode of our dynamic reality TV show, Insurance Wars and then get on the phone with Noble pronto!

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