What Do People Really Think About Public Adjusters?

Human beings are a curious lot. Noble Public Adjusting Group is no different. Our team wondered what people really think about public adjusters, so we hit up Google for answers to that question. What we discovered filled our hearts with gladness and hope because overall, people think public adjusters are a great asset to have when help is needed with a troublesome insurance claim.

Noble works hard to make sure we get homeowners and commercial property owners everything they deserve from their insurance companies when they file a claim for damage, so learning the following was a great boost for us. Read below some of the things we found on Google concerning what people really think about public adjusters:

What Do People Really Think About Public Adjusters?

This article from the Property Insurance Coverage blog of Merlin Law Group titled, Three Reasons to Hire a Public Adjuster had this to say, “Several insureds have explained that, but for the assistance of their public insurance adjuster, they would not have received the amount of their claim payment for their loss.”

In a discussion on the site Bigger Pockets, real estate agent Jason Boulay of Rhode Island said this about public adjusters, “they were able to get a great deal more money than what the insurance company was offering. A good adjuster will hear your situation and determine whether their services will benefit you in any way. They aren’t going to charge you their fee to get you exactly what the insurance company was initially offering.”

An article at Value Penguin titled, Public Insurance Adjusters; When to Hire One and Why explains, “Public insurance adjusters are experts in the details and language of insurance policies, as well as filing and adjusting claims. They commonly have prior experience in construction (and other related fields) and use sophisticated software to undergo an independent evaluation of a client’s property loss. Public adjusters aren’t just better equipped than the average policyholder to estimate the costs incurred from a property loss — they know exactly how to log and submit initial and supplemental claims and do this for a policyholder.

Insure.com has this article titled, 11 Reasons to Hire a Public Insurance Adjuster. A quote from the article, “Public adjusters work on behalf of policyholders to help people get all that they’re entitled to from insurance claims. They help evaluate damage and rebuilding costs, track the flow of insurance payments and amounts due, and work with home insurance companies to expedite their clients’ insurance claims.”

Time magazine’s Money section has an article titled, How to Stop Your Home Insurer From Cheating You. This is a Q & A type article and here is one quote, “Public adjusters dig behind leaks, he says, for evidence of rot, soggy insulation and mold that some insurance company adjusters might not pursue when writing up a claim.”

Those are just a few of the positive articles Noble Public Adjusting Group found when we searched Google for the keywords, “what do people really think about public adjusters.” We were so proud to discover that overall, public adjusters are looked upon as helpful advocates for policyholders when they need to file an insurance claim and want to make sure they are treated fairly by their provider and receive the maximum amount of settlement possible.

The work we do is very rewarding. There is nothing quite like the feeling our public adjusters get when they have helped a homeowner or commercial property owner win in a dispute with their insurance company. Insurance companies are in the business of profit, so you should always keep that in mind once you have damage to your home or business and are ready to file your insurance claim. If you need help with your claim, call Noble Public Adjusting Group. We are the #1 insurance appraiser in the nation. We have offices across Florida, in Georgia, and in Texas, but we can handle an insurance claim anywhere in the US.

To learn how our process works, check out this page of our website. You can see also us in action by watching episodes of our reality TV show, Insurance Wars, where we go to bat for policyholders and win. These episodes are metaphorical David and Goliath stories that depict Noble Public Adjusting Group as “David”, the little guy, and Corporate Insurance as “Goliath”, the Big Business giant. They are actually very entertaining too!


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