Florida Panhandle Public Adjuster Interprets Language of Insurance

Noble Public Adjusting Group is on a mission. We want to reach out and educate homeowners and commercial property owners in the Florida Panhandle. One way we do that is by going over insurance policies with our clients and potential clients. Our team of experts often sit down with property owners and go over their policies with a fine tooth comb. In fact, we are well known in the Florida Panhandle as the ‘go to’ people when it comes to anything insurance related. We came by that title honestly, since Noble loves assisting policyholders and it shows.

Florida Panhandle Public Adjuster Interprets Language of Insurance

property insurance languagePart of the job of helping policyholders is often just clearing up the confusing language of insurance.The insurance industry has its own unique lingo, a language that often needs an interpreter like a public adjuster. As we stated in a previous blog post, saying the wrong words to your provider can create problems with your insurance claim, or even cause it to be denied.

If you do a search on Google or Bing for the terms ‘the language of insurance” what you are going to find is mostly links to the websites of lawyers. One very important thing we want our blog readers to understand is that you don’t need a lawyer, you need a public adjuster when it comes to property insurance questions and deciphering the language of insurance. A lawyer is an extreme measure you should only take if all other avenues of getting your insurance claim paid properly have been exhausted. By using Noble Public Adjusting Group for your Florida Panhandle insurance claim, you have saved yourself tons of time, headaches, money, and your settlement will be much more than if you handled the claim alone.

Ok. So we said you don’t need a lawyer. But there is absolutely nothing wrong with reading what lawyers have to say on their blogs about property insurance. They DO know their stuff, and Noble likes quoting good lawyers when the information they are providing is helpful to policyholders. A great example of this is a post from the Florida law firm Bronstein & Carmona. The blog post is perfect for what we are discussing since it is titled How Do Courts Interpret Insurance Policy Language? 

The following excerpt from the article says volumes about what the courts consider ambiguous language in insurance policies, which often is the key factor in a public adjuster like Noble getting a policyholder a great settlement.

Policy language is considered ambiguous if the language has more than one reasonable interpretation. State Farm v. Menendez, 70 So. 3d at 570. As a general rule, insurance coverage must be construed broadly in favor of the insured, whereas exclusions of coverage—provisions limiting an insurer’s liability—are construed narrowly against the insurer. See Flores v. Allstate Ins. The company, 819 So. 2d 740, 744 (Fla. 2002).

The Florida Supreme Court, in Washington National Insurance Corporation v. Ruderman, definitively established that when an insurance policy provision is ambiguous, the provision must be strictly construed against the insurer and in favor of coverage, without considering extrinsic evidence that could be used to possibly clarify the ambiguity. 117 So. 3d 943, 95 (Fla. 2013).

With those words, the courts reveal their bias toward policyholders coming out the winner. This is very good news for Florida property owners. Though the above excerpt does a good job of summing up the article, here is the link if you would like to read the whole thing.

Another helpful link is one Noble Public Adjusting Group wrote last month titled What Is Covered by A Standard Homeowner Insurance Policy? That blog post does a great job of explaining in detail everything you need to know about the exact coverage you have your home. Of course, this is taking into account that your insurance policy is a standard one. There are many homeowner insurance policies that go beyond the standard coverage, such as those for luxury homes, homes with pools, or extra valuable home inventory. We understand the language of them all.

If you are in the Florida Panhandle and need a public adjuster to go over your insurance policy with you, please don’t hesitate to call us. One of our experts will visit your home and sit down to comfortably go over the policy in detail. This service is free. As we said, we love nothing more than helping policyholders understand things they should know about the coverage they have. Your free insurance policy review is just one more way we stay on top as the best public adjuster in Florida. Noble is also the  #1 insurance adjuster in the nation. Call us today.

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