Noble PA Group Offers Free Home Inspections in the Florida Panhandle

If you are a regular reader of the Noble Public Adjusting Group blog, then you have been learning that we offer many services to homeowners in the Florida Panhandle. A few of these services include a free insurance policy review, loss estimation, and claim representation. However, there is one service that Noble PA Group offers that you as a Florida Panhandle homeowner may not be aware of. This service is a free home inspection.

What does a free home inspection by Noble PA Group entail? We will send one of our professional public adjusters to your home in the Florida Panhandle to inspect your home from top to bottom and give you an estimate of its value and our opinion on any damages we see and/or improvements that could be made. But please understand, this free home inspection and our opinion will be only be verbal. There will be nothing put in writing unless you see that you have a homeowner insurance claim and decide to hire Noble to handle it for you. While we are there, if our professional public adjuster sees that you have something wrong at your home, we can suggest a local, vetted contractor who will help you get it fixed.

Noble PA Group Offers Free Home Inspections in the Florida Panhandle

Noble Public Adjusting Group offers free verbal home inspections in the Florida Panhandle out of loyalty to the people in our area. Since our home office is in Panama City Beach, and we are very active in our community, being of service to local homeowners and those in the rest of the Florida Panhandle just feels good. We know first hand how important service to others is, and Noble is here to serve.

When you call us for your free home inspection you can expect a very thorough verbal overview of your property. We will not be cutting any corners, even though the service is free. We will check out all of your home’s main systems, such as the heating and cooling unit, the plumbing, the roof of your home, your attic, the interior and exterior of your home, including the foundation. If you like, you can follow us around and take notes, that way you won’t miss a thing we say.

Noble Public Adjusting Group has learned the great value of offering these free home inspection. After you see us in action and realize how much we know about property values, the condition of homes in general, how to be on the lookout for trouble areas, and how thoroughly we know our business, you will pass the word along to your friends. That’s how business gets done the old-fashioned way. You tell your neighbor about us, and they tell their cousin, and then when disaster strikes and one of those people needs a public adjuster to file their insurance claim, who do they call? They call us!

How Much Does A Home Inspection Cost?

The following information is from The Balance, a great resource for all things consumer-related. This article from The Balance discusses the average cost of a written home inspection report. (Remember, the home inspection done by Noble will be only a verbal inspection.)  Here is their estimate of the cost of a home inspection from the beginning of the article, “The Department of Housing and Urban Development quotes the average cost of a home inspection cost within a wide range from $300 to $500. However, this average estimate does not take into consideration specific location, size, configuration, age nor competence of the inspector. All of these factors can affect how much a home inspection will cost.
If you are ready for your free home inspection in the Florida Panhandle, pick up the phone right now and call us. Noble works 6 days a week in the service of Florida Panhandle homeowners.
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