Insurance Wars Season 1, Episode 2 “Roof Rip-Off”

Insurance Wars Season 1, Episode 2 “Roof Rip-Off”

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In this episode of insurance Wars, we joined the Noble Public Adjusting Group team as they help a family get back on their feet after a natural disaster. After a tornado came through the city, Sandra‘s home was almost completely destroyed. We joined Bo Williamson and the Noble Public Adjusting Group team as they worked to help this family get the money they deserve. If you need help getting the money to get your home repairs, call Noble Public Adjusting Group at 850-249-6972(MYPA) or reach us on our website.

The house has been severally damaged. At least half the roof was torn off. Despite having an insurance policy that should cover the damage, Sandra received absolutely no help from the insurance company. Bo went to the home to work with the local team to help Sandra and her daughter get their dire home repairs paid for.

A contractor had previously done an estimate on the damage to the house earlier. The insurance company told him that they refused to pay enough to repair all the damages. They just wanted to put a roof on it and call the repairs done, but the damage was much more extensive than that.

The rafters were caving in. The tarps Sandra put up to keep the rain out did not hold because they’ve been up so long (four months), so the house had extensive water damage, including black mold. The house was likely a total loss.

Sandra and her daughter had to move to a hotel, but her budget and the school year forced her to rely on a family friend. The insurance company’s adjusters came out to the house twice without Sandra or her representative present.

Once Bo heard about this, he immediately began making plans to find her an apartment or rental house for at least six months. An insurance company owes homeowners for additional living expenses if they cannot stay home.

The Noble team came to the house later and explained just how difficult the repairs will be. In order to even plan the repairs, they would have to build a software model since the damage reaches down into the very foundation of the house. A roofing contractor came out to take a look. He brought out a ladder and climbed up to the roof to take a firsthand look at the damage. The roofer explained that the roof is almost absolutely destroyed. The recent rain and wind have made the damage worse, causing tarps to move and allowing water to get inside.

The roofer explained that the building code requires a complete roof replacement for damage as extensive as this (over 25%). The structural damage beyond the roof is even worse than that. A new roof alone will not make this building safe.

The insurance company originally offered $50,000 dollars—a number that made the roofer laugh. There is no way that amount could cover these kinds of repairs. Noble made sure to get the roofer’s evaluation in writing, arming themselves for the fight.

The insurance company’s adjuster came to do a walkthrough with the Noble team. Bo and his team explained the extent of the damage. The insurance company’s adjuster said that Sandra is the one who allowed the damage to become this bad. He continued to blame the client, even in the face of an explanation of the damage and an explanation of regulations.

Bo goes to leave because the company’s adjuster became defensive when asked about the definition of proximate cause. The argument continues to heat up as everyone left the house. The company adjuster made it clear that the company refuses to pay more than $50,000. He went to make an angry, stressful phone call to his boss…

Later, Bo asked Sandra and her daughter to meet him in front of the damaged house. He told them that the claim has been completed. All repairs will be paid for, including $217,000 for the dwelling, complete payment for debris removal, up to 9 months living expenses at the current rental. The total comes out to just over $400, 000.

Sandra was overjoyed. She and her daughter were delighted to be planning out their rebuilt home at Interiors by Tassels, a design company Noble recommends to clients. They help clients plan out their home rebuild all in their store. Sandra now has a safe, sound, and newly rebuilt home.

Public adjusting is about helping people. Often, insurance companies are looking at their bottom line, instead of their obligations to their customers. At Noble Public Adjusting Group we have the skills, knowledge, and experience to help you get your home repairs paid for after it’s been damaged. Call us at 850-249-6972(MYPA) or contact us online so we can start helping you get your life put together. Join us for more Insurance Wars on our YouTube Channel as we continue to fight the good fight.

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