Problems With Your Insurance Claim After a Fire Loss in Tallahassee?

If you have experienced a loss from fire in Tallahassee, first let us say how sorry we are. Noble Public Adjusting Group has seen so many people devastated by the loss of their home or commercial property due to fire. We know first-hand how hard a time in your life this can be. But one thing that shouldn’t be hard is getting paid by your insurance company after a fire loss in Tallahassee.

Today our blog post is going to address our blog readers who are having problems with their insurance claim after a fire loss in Tallahassee. One issue which is distinct to Tallahassee is that there are so many fires and so often. Don’t ask us why, except that Tallahassee is a very big place. But if you search Google for “fire loss Tallahassee” you will find 1.4 million results, all of which are news stories about people’s homes or businesses catching on fire. That presents a problem in itself, for it creates a lack of staff adjusters at insurance companies.

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Problems With Your Insurance Claim After a Fire Loss in Tallahassee?

Home fires can be caused by many reasons, but the major ones are lightning strikes during storms, electrical fires, grease fires, kitchen fires, careless smoking, or candles left burning unattended.

One unfortunate fact is that we never expect this kind of tragedy to happen to us, so many Tallahassee homeowners and commercial property owners are unaware of what their insurance coverage is when it comes to fire loss. You may not understand what damage is covered and what you are entitled to receive as fair compensation for the contents of your home and its valuables, or your commercial property and its inventory. Fire damage restoration can end up costing thousands of dollars. Not to mention the total replacement of your home or commercial property if the fire has consumed the whole structure. Insurance can be tricky business, but the team at Noble Public Adjusting Group are experts when it comes to the language of insurance and fire loss insurance claims.

One important aspect of your insurance policy you should know as a Tallahassee homeowner or commercial property owner is that all policies are “fire insurance policies” at the core. At least when you lose your home or business property to fire and you have insurance you know that you are covered. That is one silver lining in the dark cloudy of your Tallahassee fire loss. However, this does not stop insurance companies from causing problems. In a fair world, they would send out their adjuster, who would view the damage from your fire in Tallahassee, report to your insurance company, and they send you a check for the property amount to cover your loss.

However, the reality is, insurance companies are always trying to find a way to cut corners and not pay what a claim is worth, or even deny them outright. That is where Noble comes in to save the day. For proof of this, please take a minute to watch the episode in the video below of our reality TV show, Insurance Wars, called “Fiery Debate.” You will be glad you did because it concerns this exact situation, a homeowner who is getting a big run around and the offer of a paltry settlement from their insurance provider. The video will help you see that by hiring us your problems with your insurance company just became ours, and we love nothing more than taking them on, as you will witness in the video below.

Noble is intimately familiar with handling fire loss claims. Once you hire us, we take over the claim, handling everything going forward. If the fire loss just happened, we will contact your insurance company for you. We will do all the paperwork regarding the claim, and even contact the professionals who will restore or replace your home and its contents. Since you arrived at this blog post due to having problems with your insurance claim after your Tallahassee fire loss, just know that we can reopen the claim at any stage and get you the money you deserve.

We will be releasing you from the burden of worry and paperwork. You have enough to deal with after losing your home or business to fire. We also know how difficult the insurance process can be. If you’ve already received a payment from your insurance company, you may be entitled to more; if you’ve been denied you may have some coverage you didn’t know about.

To find out more or if you have questions about your fire loss in Tallahassee, call us today at (850) 249-0135. Noble is a respected and active member of the Tallahassee community. We want to be the public adjuster you choose to handle this devastating loss.

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