Public Adjuster Advice: Using the Wrong Words Can Get Your Claim Denied

Noble Public Adjusting Group does not intend to alarm our blog readers, but we would be shirking our duty to policyholders if we didn’t talk about this issue. The fact is, saying certain phrases during a transaction with your insurance representative can cause your claim to be denied. Your conversations with the insurance company on the telephone are usually recorded, and with one slip up or the use of the wrong wording, you could be looking at paying for your loss out of pocket.

Public Adjuster Advice: Using the Wrong Words Can Get Your Claim Denied

Insurance language is like any other focused field, it’s a language of its own. Most insurance representatives aren’t going to go out of their way to help you understand the lingo of insurance. It’s good to keep in mind that insurance is a business, and the idea behind any business is to make money, not to pay it out. There’s an entire spectrum of statutes, building codes, case laws, and industry standards that Noble will use on your behalf to ensure that you are fully restored when you’ve endured a loss.

If you experience damages at your home or commercial property, your smartest bet is to let Noble deal with the insurance company for you, so that you don’t have to worry about making a mistake on your paperwork, crossing fine lines with what you say, or leaving powerful tools of the trade at our disposal un-used. When we begin fighting your claim, you’ll be given the information you need to login to your account on our website. That way, even though Noble is handling everything for you, you can still check in to see what’s going on with your claim 24/7.

Noble Public Adjusting Group is the only fully-staffed public adjusting firm in the Florida Panhandle. We are dedicated to making sure policyholders are fully indemnified when they experience a loss and file a claim.  The principle of Indemnity is the concept that an insured policyholder is fully restored to pre-loss condition, and left in no way worse off by the “award” given to restore the damages they’ve incurred. We work for policyholders, not the insurance company.

You don’t have to go into an insurance claim blindfolded. We are experts who can guide you through this frustrating process without you having to pay any money upfront. We work on a contingency basis to get you the highest payout possible for your claim, and of course, there’s no out of pocket expense. That’s right, if there’s no recovery or increase in your claim, there’s no charge!

Filing your insurance claim is tedious and often very confusing. If you don’t know exactly what you are doing, you could potentially lose a large percentage of what is owed to you, or worse, be denied payment altogether. Noble Public Adjusting Group can represent you and take on all of that hassle with confidence. Already filed your claim and received an unsatisfactory pay-out? We can re-open your claim and represent you at any point in the process, even after it’s been closed and paid.

If you think you have a claim or you’ve already filed a claim but want an expert to negotiate a larger settlement, request a free property inspection below or give us a call.  We’ll go over your policy, examine your loss for free, and answer any questions you might have. Our home office is in Panama City Beach, but we can handle a claim anywhere in the US.

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