What to Do About Septic Tank Damage in Pensacola

Septic tank damage in Pensacola can be dangerous and repairs can be expensive. Contact Noble Public Adjusting Group if you notice that your septic tank has been damaged. Call 249-6972(MYPA) or contact us on our website. We will walk you through the steps you need to follow in order to get the most money out of your homeowner’s insurance policy to repair the damage caused by septic tank leakage.

Septic tanks can be damaged after floods, house fires, or any other event that changes the land on top of the septic system. Tree roots can grow into the septic system and damage it. Even simple changes in the habits of the homeowners can cause septic system failure and leakage. Older and newer systems can both experience issues. You should keep an eye out for septic tank damage after floods, heavy rains, construction, or serious damage to your home.

If it seems like your septic tank might be damaged, what should you do? Follow these steps:

  1. Determine if there has been a leak

You might have septic tank damage if you notice a foul odor in the area. It will be strongest in areas near your septic tank or your drain field. You should also look for lush vegetation in these areas as well, especially if there hasn’t been any there before. Standing water and overly soggy ground are other signs of a damaged septic tank.

Inside your home, you might find that sinks and toilets are backing up or are slow to drain. There may be gurgling sounds in your plumbing system. This may not always be a sign of damage, however. You may just need to pump out your septic tank, an important part of septic tank maintenance. Before you get the septic tank pumped, make sure you have the service video the sewer line to check for damage.


  1. Call Noble Public Adjusting Group

Once you’ve determined that your septic tank is damaged, call us here at Noble Public Adjusting Group. We will help you make sure that you get everything you need in order to repair the septic tank damage. An insurance company will only cover septic tank repairs under certain circumstances. We will make sure that you get everything you deserve so that your home will be clean, safe, and functional once again.


  1. Follow the advice of experts

Septic tank damage can cause both minor and major issues in your home.  If it’s bad enough, you may find that it has flooded your basement or tainted your well water. Don’t skip out on any of the safety and cleanup advice you get from plumbers and septic tank specialists! This can be hazardous to your family’s health, as well as the value and even safety of your house. Noble will make sure you can afford necessary repairs and even temporary lodging expenses if you need them, so don’t hesitate to give us a call if you’ve found septic tank damage in Pensacola.

In humid and lush climates like ours here in Florida, septic tank damage is always a risk. If you’ve noticed signs of septic tank damage on your property, give Noble Public Adjusting Group a call at 249-6972(MYPA) or reach out to us online. We will fight for you and help you make sure your home is a safe and comfortable place to live once again.


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