What to Do When a Tree Falls on Your Car

If a tree falls on your car in Florida, call Noble Public Adjusting Group. We can help you figure what kind of insurance to use, as well as help you file your claim with your insurance claim. Not being able to replace or (with any luck!) repair your car is not acceptable. Call us at 850-249-6972(MYPA) or get in touch through our website.

What can you do when a tree falls on your car? Here are a few key points to remember if this has happened to you:

  • Make sure you document everything. Before you call someone to remove the tree, take photos. Before you call someone to move the car, take pictures. Make note of the weather conditions, a description of the tree, everything. We will ask you about these details in order to help you prepare your claim and make sure you get the money you need.
  • Stay safe. The tree could have hit electrical lines or damaged your home’s structure when it came down. Be alert for the smell of gas in case a gas line was damaged by a now-uprooted tree.
  • Depending on where your vehicle was damaged and what kind of policy you have, you will be looking to file a claim under either your car insurance policy or your homeowner’s insurance policy. If the car was parked in your garage or if the tree also damaged part of your home, you will probably be using homeowner’s insurance. This may or may not be true if your home wasn’t touched by the tree, but Noble will work with you to figure it out. If the tree was on your neighbor’s property, we will also help you figure out what you’re supposed to do next.
  • If you’re not sure who to ask to help remove the tree and your damaged car, we can also help you with this. Noble’s local offices know the area and have been members of the community for a very long time. We can help you pick the most reliable tree removal services, car repair shops, and home repair services.
  • Whenever a tree falls on a car, the case is different. Don’t make assumptions or try to figure out your tangled insurance policy yourself.

Noble Public Adjusting Group is here to help you out when a tree falls on your car. We know the regulations and understand how insurance works. Give us a call at 850-249-6972(MYPA) or contact us online. We will help walk you through the process of removing the fallen tree and help you get your life moving again.

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