Help With Homeowner Insurance Claim in Jacksonville, Florida

There is something important Noble Public Adjusting Group wants our blog readers to understand. It has to do with finding help with an insurance claim in Jacksonville, Florida. We did some research, and this is what we discovered. If you do a search on Google for the keywords ‘help with homeowner insurance claim in Jacksonville, Florida,’ what you end up with on the first page of search results is links to lawyer’s websites.

The important thing Noble wants you to know is that if you need help with a homeowner insurance claim in Jacksonville, Florida, you DO NOT need a lawyer. You need a public adjuster. When it comes to your insurance claim, an attorney should be your last resort, not your first choice. By using a public adjuster to file your insurance claim for damages to your home in Jacksonville, Florida, you will almost always avoid the need for a lawyer at all.

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Noble Public Adjusting Group has handled thousands of insurance claims for homeowners, and the settlements we have obtained for them are far beyond satisfactory. Take a look at some of our case files. Below we have listed just one of those case files for your perusal:

Residential Wind and Water Loss

Wind damage to this roof allowed water to leak into the home, causing multiple issues. The insurance company’s independent adjuster originally wrote an estimate to pay for a roof replacement. He sent that estimate to the insurance company and to the homeowner. After reviewing the estimate, the insurance company made the adjuster revise it to only pay for a small repair on the roof. So, naturally, their adjuster changed his estimate and re-submitted to both the homeowner and the insurance company.

The homeowner received a check for the lower amount. When the homeowner deposited the insurance company’s check, the check had been canceled! The policyholder called Noble frantic for help, questioning the legality of what had happened. Noble took over the claim and made the insurance provider stand good for the original estimate, which replaced the entire roof and repairs the interior damages.  Once an insurance company has made an offer to a policyholder (especially in writing), legally and ethically they are required to honor that offer; even if the adjuster they hired was an Independent third-party adjuster, they are still acting on behalf of the insurance company. This precept is called “The Power To Bind” in the insurance world.

Insurance Company’s Offer:           $1,756.90 and Cancelled check
Noble’s Settlement:                          $15,830.88
Total Increase:                                  $14,073.98
Percent of increase:                                  901% 

Noble secured an amount  9 times higher than what was originally offered.

Help With Homeowner Insurance Claim in Jacksonville, Florida

When you have an insurance claim for damages received at your home in Jacksonville, Florida, you need a public adjuster, not a lawyer. Hiring a lawyer is absolutely unnecessary unless things get to a point of no return and you decide you want to go to court. By using a public adjuster like Noble Public Adjusting Group, rarely will things become that dire. We file your insurance claim for you then stay in constant communication with your insurance company. We will make sure you get a more than fair settlement. When you hire an attorney, you have their retainer to pay out of your own pocket, and your Jacksonville, Florida homeowner insurance claim will become lost among the thousands of court cases on the dockets. It could be years before you see a settlement, and that is if you win in court.

Noble receives no money up front when you hire us. Our payment is only received after your settlement is reached and the insurance company writes you a check. There is no retainer required, and we will quickly have your insurance claim settled.

Call us today to discuss your insurance claim in Jacksonville, Florida, or anywhere else across Florida, in Georgia, and in Texas. As the #1 insurance appraiser in the US, Noble Public Adjusting Group has the knowledge and experience to handle your claim with ease and get you the best settlement possible.

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