Was Your Hurricane Irma Insurance Claim Underpaid?

We have to be totally honest. Noble Public Adjusting Group is outraged at the number of Hurrican Irma insurance claims that have still not been paid or were underpaid. And we aren’t the only ones who are outraged. Read the following statement from an article at the Palm Beach Post. The title of the article is Many Hurricane Irma insurance Claims Remain Unsettled. Insurance industry officials acknowledge it is possible they underpaid on tens of thousands of claims they declared closed after the September 2017 hurricane.”

Here is another statement from that Palm Beach Post article, “A month and a half from the next hurricane season, fewer than 57 percent of more than 942,000 Hurricane Irma insurance claims worth $8.6 billion have been closed with insurance payments, state records show.” That article was written in mid-April 2018, thus the reference to ‘a month and a half.’ It is outrageous that here we are now, a week before the beginning of the 2018 Hurricane Season, and all these claims are still not settled or were grossly underpaid. Read this last section of that article, “The truth is many claims are timely paid and many other claims are grossly underpaid or not paid at all,” said Florida Association of Public Insurance Adjusters president Jimmy Farach. He said a number of property owners “hear from their insurer that their claim is closed and they simply give up.”

This is unacceptable. If you are among the homeowners or commercial property owners in Florida whose Hurricane Irma insurance claim was underpaid, we want you to know that Noble Public Adjusting Group can reopen that claim!

Was Your Hurricane Irma Insurance Claim Underpaid?

To further assist you as a homeowner or commercial property owner whose Hurricane Irma claim has still not been settled, or was underpaid, we’d like to share this podcast with Merlin Law Group’s Chip Merlin. Here is a short description of that podcast, “Hurricane Irma caused major damage all across southwest Florida last year, and while many people have wrapped up their repairs, and the insurance claims that covered them, some people are still struggling to find closure. Plus, because of the massive damage caused by the storm, insurance companies are facing an increase in lawsuits against them. We’re joined by Chip Merlin, he’s founder and president of Merlin Law Group, and he focuses on commercial & residential property insurance claim disputes and bad faith insurance litigation. he’s an attorney who focuses on commercial & residential property insurance claim disputes and bad faith insurance litigation, to pick his brain about all things insurance related in this post-Irma world.

Please understand that Noble Public Adjusting Group is ready to help you with an unsettled or underpaid Hurricane Irma insurance claim. These claims need to be settled asap, as we draw closer to the 2018 Hurricane Season, or we will have one giant mess on our hands in Florida. With all of these claims unsettled or underpaid, just imagine how confusing a new hurricane claim would be? Let us handle this issue for you pronto. We will make sure you get the proper settlement from your claim. Our wheelhouse is taking on big corporate insurance as an advocate for policyholders and we are good at what we do. We have proof of just how good we are with episodes of our reality TV show, Insurance Wars. We love filming our reality TV show because it shows in real time and in detail the processes we go through to make sure policyholders are treated fairly and get the proper settlement from their insurance companies. The show has often been noted for how entertaining it actually is. 



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Call us today to discuss your Hurricane Irma unsettled or underpaid insurance claim, to discuss the upcoming 2018 Hurricane Season, or for any other reason. We love hearing from our blog readers!

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