Has Your Commercial Property in Northwest Florida Been Damaged By Fire?

Noble Public Adjusting Group does our best to make sure insurance policyholders understand all there is to know about insurance claims for losses you experience. That goes for commercial property owners as well as homeowners. If you are a commercial property owner in Northwest Florida, this blog post is for you.

Fire losses account for approximately $2.3 billion in commercial property loss each year, according to the National Fire Protection Association. That dollar figure doesn’t even begin to touch the more complicated business interruption portion of these insurance claims.

Has Your Commercial Property in Northwest Florida Been Damaged By Fire?

If you have experienced a fire at your commercial property in Northwest Florida, Noble Public Adjusting Group wants you to know that fire damage is our specialty. We can file your insurance claim and save you tons of time, headaches, and make sure you get the best settlement possible from your commercial property insurance company. Fire is a complex commercial property insurance claim. Not only is there the direct fire damage to your Northwest Florida commercial property to consider. There is the damage caused by smoke, the residue left by different substances as they burn, and any corrosive, industrial substances that may have been released during the fire. Stopping the fire can cause extensive water damage, and your Northwest Florida commercial property and its contents are often exposed to the elements for some period of time following the fire.

This brings up the issue of business interruption. Northwest Florida commercial property owners quickly discover after a fire at their property that the saying, time is money becomes all too real. They also quickly realize that they are not sure how to maximize the insurance claim their business is now relying on for survival.

This is where Noble Public Adjusting Group comes in. Working exclusively for you, the business owner, and never for the insurance company, our team at Noble has decades of experience navigating the commercial property insurance claim process. Bringing us in early in the process allows you to tend to your business, leaving the issues of filing and handling your commercial property insurance claim to the experts. Below is a list of tasks Noble will be handling for you:

  • Filing your commercial property insurance claim
  • Documenting your Northwest Florida property damage with photographs.
  • Taking steps to mitigate any further damage, including theft and vandalism.
  • Preparing a comprehensive list of lost/damaged items.
  • Tracking all out-of-pocket expenses related to the cleanup and rebuilding process, as well as any additional expenses you incur to mitigate your loss of business and to expedite your recovery.
  • Analyzing your commercial insurance policy, including all clauses, additions, extensions, and exclusions, and develop a strategy for maximizing every available dollar.
  • Bringing in experts to prove the full extent of structural and other damages, as necessary.
  • Helping you find the best experts in Northwest Florida to take your commercial property back to its pre-loss condition.
    Determining policy compliance issues
  • Developing a claim management strategy
  • Completing detailed valuations of building, equipment and inventory losses;
  • Formulating a business interruption model
  • Assembling comprehensive claim presentations with expert reports
  • Expediting the insurance claims entire process

Experiencing a fire at your Northwest Florida commercial property is painful enough without the worry of how you are going to be compensated by your insurance provider. You have work to do, getting your business back up and running. Let Noble Public Adjusting Group take care of everything else.

To show you what Noble is capable of, check out this actual case file from a commercial property client.

Commercial Fire Loss

This hotel was almost totally destroyed after an electrical fire from a lamp spread and consumed the building.  After the fire investigation proved the fire accidental, the insurance company only offered half of what it would cost to repair the damages.  Noble came in after several months of unsuccessful negotiating on the policyholder’s behalf.  After Noble scoped the property and wrote an estimate of damages, the Insurance Company made a much higher offer.  Even though there was much more negotiating to be done, the policyholder was satisfied with the new settlement offer and accepted it.  A difference of over a quarter of a million dollars was recouped for the insured’s indemnification and restoration of this property, even though Noble had just begun the negotiation process when the insured settled.

Insurance Company’s Offer:           $385,728.97
Noble’s Settlement:                          $672,863.26
Total Increase:                                    $287,134.29

Percent of increase:                                174.43 % 

Noble secured an amount almost 2 times higher than what was originally offered.

As you can very well see, Noble is the expert when it comes to commercial property fire loss insurance claims. Call us today to discuss your Northwest Florida commercial property fire, or for any other concerns, you may have. Noble Public Adjusting Group’s main office is in Panama City Beach, but we can handle a commercial fire insurance claim anywhere in Florida.



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