Has Your Florida Fire Insurance Claim Been Denied?

Here is What to Do if Your Florida Fire Insurance Claim Has Been Denied

When you experience a fire at your Florida home or business, you are already upset and have plenty to deal with, trying to recover from the fire. To have your fire insurance claim denied can be the worst sort of nightmare to arrive on top of the fire. Noble Public Adjusting Group wants our Florida blog readers to know that handling fire insurance claims is our specialty. That means if your fire insurance claim has been denied, we can reopen the claim. As your source of public adjuster and insurance claim expertise, want you to rest assured that we will do everything in our power to reverse your insurance company’s decision and get you a fair settlement.

However, you most likely arrived at this blog post because you are looking for advice on what to do if your fire insurance claim has been denied. Please go ahead and get in touch with us and let us reopen your claimbut be advised as a homeowner or commercial property owner in Florida, the following are steps you can take on your own, (but understand that Noble can do all of the following for you.)

Review Your Claim Denial Letter

You will receive a fire insurance claim denied letter from your insurance company explaining why they denied your claim. Compare the details in this letter to the coverage details in your insurance policy. Be sure you understand the language in both the denial letter and your policy. If it is clear your coverage was not adequate to cover your loss, or if the peril was excluded from your policy, there is no cause for further action.

If you disagree with your insurance company’s decision to deny your fire insurance claim in Florida, contact Noble PA Group immediately. If you have already contacted them after receiving the denial letter, make sure you document every contact you have made, including the dates you made contact, the individual you spoke with, and exactly what was said.

Do Your Homework or Let Noble Do It For You

Once an insurance claim is denied, the burden of proof reverts to you, the insured, to prove your loss. This means it is time to build your strongest case. Noble will help you do this. We know the language of insurance like the back of our hands, especially when it comes to insurance claims for fire damage. Below are important considerations in doing your homework and building your case against your insurance provider:

  • Make sure you have detailed evidence of your loss.
  • Your insurance policy that shows the loss should be covered.
  • Record of efforts to have your denied claim reviewed.
  • Documented rebuttal to your insurance company’s denial.
  • Clear and documented justifications for your rebuttal.
  • All supporting documentation and proof.

File a Complaint With the Florida Insurance Commissioner

If you still believe your Florida fire loss should be covered, and your insurance company continues to delay and deny your claim, you can file a formal complaint with the Florida insurance board.

  • This process will automatically trigger a review of your denied claim, your efforts to reverse the denial, and your evidence and reasoning for requesting the reversal.
  • The Florida insurance commissioner will review each complaint based on its own merits and order the insurance company to respond appropriately.
  • Before filing a complaint, you must try all the available remedies to resolve your claim. Your insurance policy will outline the required steps specific to your claim.

What to Do If Threatening Letters Arrive

After you have begun the process of rebutting your denied fire insurance claim in Florida, if you received a Reservation of Rights letter or a letter requesting an Examination Under Oath (EUO), you should seek professional advice from a Florida public adjuster like Noble, to at the very least review your coverage and verify that your policy covers your loss. These types of letters from an insurance provider can be signals that things are about to get much worse.

Noble Public Adjusting Group has a team of professional public adjusters who are experts in fire insurance claims. We are ready to review your denied claim for free. If we find we can help you and you hire us, we’ll go to work immediately reopening your claim, documenting your loss, assigning values for your property that was damaged or destroyed by fire in Florida, negotiating with your insurance company, and doing our level best to reverse the decision of your insurance company.

Contact us today to discuss your denied fire insurance claim, or for any other concern or question, you may have. Noble is the premier public adjuster for fire insurance claims in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and across all of the USA



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