Press Release: Help For Homeowners Affected by Eastpoint Wildfire


Help for Homeowners Affected by Eastpoint Wildfire


Eastpoint, Florida, June 27, 2018–On Sunday night, June 24, 2018, wildfire-which officials have named the Limerock Wildfire–swept through Eastpoint, Florida. The Florida Division of Forestry estimates 30-40 homes were completed destroyed and 125 Eastpoint residents are without a home due to damages from the wildfire. 950 acres were burned. Fortunately, no lives were lost to the Limerock Wildfire.

The cause of the wildfire is still under investigation, but Noble Public Adjusting Group has done some of their own investigations into ways that Eastpoint homeowners affected by the Limerock Wildfire can get the most out of their insurance claim.

Noble Public Adjusting Group asks that readers of this press release pass along the following crucial information to homeowners affected by the Limerock Wildfire.

Help For Homeowners Affected by Eastpoint Fire

Noble Public Adjusting Group was devasted to hear about the Limerock Wildfire. The company and its team have friends and business associates in the Eastpoint, Florida area. To be of assistance to homeowners affected by this wildfire, Noble has listed below some little-known ways homeowners can take advantage of every single clause of their Florida homeowner insurance policy by using a Florida public adjuster like Noble.

  • Waiving payment of deductible–By using Noble to file an insurance claim for damages caused by the Limerock Wildfire, homeowners may very well be able to have their insurance company absorb their deductible. In times of disaster, this is something many homeowners don’t realize can be arranged.
  • Receiving policy limit maximums–What many Eastpoint homeowners affected by this wildfire may not be aware of is that there is more to their Florida homeowner insurance policy that just the stated coverage amount. Most people simply look at their policy, see the amount their home is insured for, and assume this is all they will receive. By using Noble to file and handle their insurance claim, extra clauses in the policy will be located and taken advantage. One such extra in a Florida homeowner insurance policy is known as Ordinance or Law. This covers the cost to rebuild a home that has been destroyed, as well as the cost to upgrade a home so that it meets the most up-to-date building codes after a covered loss.
  • Additional Living Expenses–For the 30-40 Eastpoint homeowners whose homes have totally been destroyed, and the 125 more homeowners who are without a home due to extensive damages from the Limerock Wildfire, Noble can arrange for your insurance company to provide you with temporary housing at no cost to homeowners.
  • Debris Removal–A Florida homeowner insurance policy will not only cover the cost of the replacement or repair of homes in Eastpoint. Many policyholders aren’t aware that the policy will also cover the cost of debris removal.

The above are just the main extras that many Florida homeowners may not realize that their insurance policy covers. For Eastpoint homeowners affected by the Limerock Wildfire, hiring Noble Public Adjusting Group to file their insurance claim will allow the team of professionals at Noble to dig deep into their policy, searching for more gold within that can help Eastpoint homeowners recover from their loss. A recent study revealed that by using a public adjuster to handle homeowner insurance claims, an average of 747% more is received as a settlement than if a homeowner had taken care of the insurance claim themselves.

Noble Public Adjusting Group did not come by the name Noble by accident. They fight the noble cause on a daily basis, helping Florida policyholders take on big corporate insurance and walk away with the maximum insurance settlement possible. Noble has offices all across Florida and they are ready to help Eastpoint homeowners recover from the devasting Limerock Wildfire.

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