The Fascinating History of Florida Hurricanes

Let’s face it. Even though life can get scary and hurricanes cause massive destruction, life is about risk and people are fascinated by hurricanes. Just as we as human beings are in awe of all things created by Mother Nature, extreme weather is a very interesting aspect of life. Especially in Florida, where extreme weather and hurricanes are a regular occurrence.

In a previous blog post, we alerted our readers to the fact that today is the official beginning of the 2018 Hurricane Season, which will run through the end of November. In that blog post, you will find the 2018 hurricane outlook and advice on how to prepare your home, family, and business for the upcoming season.

The Fascinating History of Florida Hurricanes

We hope you take advantage of the information we have provided above to protect yourselves this 2018 Hurricane Season. But since it’s Friday, let’s have a little fun. Today Noble Public Adjusting Group would like to discuss the fascinating history of Florida hurricanes.

To do this subject justice, we are going to refer to a great article from The Daily Beast. The article is titled, The Sunshine State’s History of Hurricanes. It was written by Sarah Rogers, a native Floridian, as she witnessed life with hurricanes during her years growing up. What makes it especially interesting too is that Ms. Rogers wrote The Daily Beast article in September 2017, as Hurricane Irma was approaching landfall.

Here is the beginning of the article for your reading pleasure, “As a kid growing up in Florida, we didn’t have snow days. We had hurricane days. Most of my childhood, I knew hurricanes to be massive, terrifying storms that would inflate in the Atlantic and then dissolve into tropical storms by the time they hit Florida. During September, it was common to have days off from school as a precaution, and often it was just a few days of rain and not much else. In 2004, as Hurricane Charley barreled toward Florida, I invited a handful of friends over for a hurricane party. Typical teenagers, we mocked the Category 4 hurricane and smugly thought we would ride out a glorified thunderstorm sneaking beers from my parents’ stash. Little did we know, we would later be huddled under the stairs of my childhood home as the back porch detached completely and flew into our front yard. We’d watch in horror as the sliding glass door in the living room bowed with the 150-mph gusts.” 

You really should take a few minutes to read that whole article from Sarah Rogers at the Daily Beast. She makes you really see what it is like to go through hurricanes. Below Noble has summed up the major hurricanes that have struck Florida over the years. This information is courtesy of Wikipedia. A very interesting thing can see below is that hurricanes didn’t begin receiving names until Hurricane Easy in September 1950.

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