Can I move forward with Mitigation?

Mitigation is a process where steps are taken to secure or protect a property from further damage.

If your property was damaged by Hurricane Michael and you are needing to move forward with Mitigation, the quick answer is yes, you can, even before you hire a Public Adjuster.  Issues on your property such as Hazardous areas and Water Damage usually make it necessary to take immediate action to prevent individuals from getting hurt and to keep mold and mildew from growing. after hurricane michael watch your step

What Mitigation information do I need for my Claim?

Above all else, you will want to document absolutely every process of the Mitigation work done on your home or your business.  Take Photographs and Videos of the damage as well as any cleanup and any work needed to secure the property.  Typical methods are Tarping your roof to prevent more water from entering, boarding up broken windows and doors and drying methods to clear water from floors.

Documenting these things is THE most important step because the information you gather will be the supporting documents that will be used for your Claim.  This information will help you receive a proper Settlement so you can begin rebuilding.  Without documentation, you risk paying for the work out of pocket and having the Insurance Company deny the Mitigation work because you have no proof.  Don’t be that guy.

Can I hire a professional Mitigation Company?

Yes.  However, if you hire a Professional Mitigation Company chances are they will ask you to sign an Assignment of Benefits.  Make sure before you sign the AOB, it clearly states it is a ‘Partial Assignment’ and only for the Mitigation process.  The Mitigation company will need to document their work for the same reasons to support your Claim.

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