CEO lives High on the Hog while you have No Roof? No Dice, Mr. Insurance.

Insurance Wars, Season 1, Episode 2, Roof Rip Off.  Imagine you’re at home with your daughter and you hear a real bona fide Tornado Warning.  You grab your child, run into the bathroom together, get inside the tub and hold on for dear life to the mattress that’s covering you both.  Four months later you are borrowing space in someone else’s home, you have none of your possessions or favorite clothing and the Insurance Company won’t call you back.  All the while, your home is continuing to be destroyed even further by water and the only thing you can do is keep calling and wait, and suffer, cry a lot, think it’s all over and believe there’s no one to help you.

Your Insurance Company is supposed to be there for you, right?  You signed a Policy Agreement, paid your premiums, but they can’t or won’t reply?  Maybe it’s because they’re too busy counting their money from the profit they are making from NOT paying Right and Just settlements.  Lest we mention they pay their executives to live High on the Hog with a very comfortable and cool $2 Million a month.  That’s insanity and perhaps even criminal.

Furious and ready to pounce.

Noble Public Adjusting Group knows a thing or two about State Statues, Policies, Principal Indemnity, Building Codes, Adjusting, Ethics, Integrity, Communication, and how to stand up for the little guy.  They came in on this claim by referral and this single mom was lucky her Insurance Settlement caught the eye of a contractor who looked through the documents with a suspicious and raised eyebrow.  He called on Noble Public Adjusting Group and they got involved.

A big, threatening, muscle, always in the gym type man showed up to represent the Insurance Company and was immediately very combative.  He had the nerve to say this woman was at fault for not protecting her home properly.  It is confusing though how a tiny woman was given that huge of a responsibility to protect what was left after her roof had been ripped off by a tornado and the ten or twelve tarps that were placed there to prevent water from entering the home were deteriorating, shredding like paper and leaking all those months.  No, you have it wrong Mr. Insurance, the responsibility wasn’t hers, it was yours.

In speaking with the Insurance Adjuster, Bo realized this guy had no real knowledge or authority because he couldn’t define Approximate Cause, a term any Licensed Adjuster should know.  He could also see their actions were a flat-out refusal to help this woman and Noble threatened to slap a CRN on them as well as this individual personally because the acts ARE Criminal.

What was the outcome?

It was a justifying win for this mom and her daughter.  They received over $400,000 to totally replace their home and were given living expenses while the home was being built.  Thank you, Noble!

Noble Public Adjusting Group can help you with your claim as well and if you are interested in having them represent you on the set of Insurance Wars, fill out a form on the website.

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