It is raining… in this room!

Noble Public Adjusting Group was out in the field on Thursday, Oct 25, 2018 meeting with clients to assess home and business property damages after Hurricane Michael.  Just as Noble predicted, and with total accuracy, the Insurance Carriers are taking advantage of the Policyholders because Hurricanes are Catastrophic and Devastating to the people in the communities.  They know to pounce as fast as possible with a Settlement while property owners are already dazed, confused and desperate for help.

What did they see?

The team was extremely sympathetic to one homeowner in particular because it was actually raining inside the house while they were there to Assess the damages.  Noble documented on film just how dire the situation is for this family, and if you’d like to see the clip, check it out on Insurance Wars Facebook Page.

They captured what looks like a war zone.  The damage is similar to what things look like after a bomb detonates.  The floors were covered in pools of water, ceiling and attic debris, tree limbs, leaves, household items and clothing.

Water was dripping from the ceiling everywhere the camera looked.  There were large, gaping holes in the ceiling and electrical wires dangling all around.  A huge tree that had landed on the roof, almost collapsing it, was carefully being removed by a crew before the rest of the roof caved in.  Large buckets lined the floors throughout the whole house, and some were on top of furniture and others on appliances just trying to catch as much water as possible.

This family received Coverage, right?

That depends on who you ask.  Before the storm, this family was living in a nice 5 bedroom home which they have insured for $250,000.00.  The Insurance Company’s Settlement Offer, however, was only $45,000.00.  This home is in utter devastation and should be covered as Total Loss and paid at Policy Limits.  Not only that, this Insurance Carrier should also be paying Additional Living Expenses for this family because this home is not habitable.

It’s just another example of how Insurance Carriers only care about their Bottom Line.  This Offer isn’t Right or Just nor is it anywhere near enough but Noble Public Adjusting Group is on the case and will fight for this family.  They have the resources both in working as a highly respected Public Adjuster and in knowing the Laws and Statutes to get the job done.

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