Info About Florida Roof Insurance Claims After Hurricane Ian

Information About Florida Roof Insurance Claims After Hurricane Ian

Hurricane Ian is undoubtedly one of the deadliest hurricanes to ever hit Florida since 1935. And people are genuinely suffering. Hundreds of them had to lose their lives, and hundreds were displaced. If you are from Florida and dealing with Hurricane Ian damages, whether it’s a tree log that has destroyed your roofing or strong winds that have shattered your windows and doors, you know you’ll need to contact your roofing contractor, and more than likely, you’ll need to file an insurance claim to pay for the roof damage. And based on our extensive experience in assisting Floridians filing insurance claims after hurricane damage, a majority will be entitled to a full roof replacement, and not just a patchwork roof repair, depending on each individual insurance policy language. We are happy to assist SW Floridians with a review of your insurance policy, at no cost to you.

Did you know that before Hurricane Ian moved from Florida to South Carolina, a colossal storm combined with horrific rains and winds destroyed thousands of homes? Many property analytics experts suggest that the loss because of Hurricane Ian in Florida alone will be $50bn. We want to pinpoint that Florida’s property insurance market was horrible even before this natural calamity hit the state.

Insurance Paid By Floridians

If you are from Florida, you must know by now that people in this state pay the highest insurance premiums in the country. You might not know that, but you are paying 3 times more than the national average, which will only increase soon. If we do the math, you might have to pay 33% more each year while your salary increase will be only 9%. Now, back to the dropping insurance market in Florida, impacted by rampant litigation and soaring reinsurance costs.

Storms and flash floods caused due to Hurricane Ian are acting like a straw for private insurers in the state. We all know that Florida is a hurricane-prone and litigious state. So, if you are expecting the insurance rates to go low, it is no less than a dream. You can also say that the man-made insurance litigation issue, combined with the Hurricane Ian crisis, created a hazard in Florida. However, some people say hurricanes have nothing to do with Florida’s high insurance costs.

How Has Hurricane Ian Contributed to Raise the Insurance Rates in Florida?

We have established that the insurance market was already in crisis mode before Hurricane Ian. And according to the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation, more than 27 insurance companies are getting monitored for their financial stability. Moreover, even before Hurricane Ian, a full-fledged storm season terrorized Florida for a year which only worsened the situation.

If we talk about the roofing industry, it is facing the same scenarios as the insurance industry as the prices have highly increased due to Ian. Even though several roofing contractors are offering support in terms of roofing materials, some homeowners have forgone coverage altogether due to high costs. In fact, more than 12% of people in Florida don’t even have property insurance.

Not only that, but several insurance carriers have also become insolvent, and many are leaving the state. Moreover, the road situation has become so bad because of the hurricanes and storms that the assistance asked for by roofing contractors has slowed down. Aid has been slow-going due to many roadways being flooded or blocked.

Even in times when people are super vulnerable, fraud among roofing contractors has increased, which ultimately enhanced the costs. Some go door-to-door, offering to cover homeowners’ insurance deductibles in exchange for roofing replacement claims to their property insurance company, claiming damage from Hurricane Ian and storms.

What to Consider Before Filing an Insurance Claim for Roofing Coverage After Hurricane Ian?

In this challenging time, homeowners and businesses are trying to get back on their feet, and they also have to stay alert of disreputable claims adjusters, lawyers, and roofing contractors. People are vulnerable, and most have suffered at the hands of frauds poised to exploit the ones in pain. If, unfortunately, you are a victim of Hurricane Ian, here are some tips to follow before filing an insurance claim for roof coverage.

Better Property Inspection

Almost everyone in Florida is going through a lot. And even though it is essential to set realistic expectations and stay calm, you can still make the complicated process of property inspection easy by scheduling a free property inspection with Noble. We understand that navigating insurance claims are hectic, especially when you are in a catastrophic situation. But you can contact the Noble Public Adjusting Group, the best and largest public adjusting firm in Florida, to advocate for your best interests on your property insurance claim. We will do the property inspection for free and fight for your insurance claim in the best possible way.

Damage Documentation

You must document property damage before filing a claim. You can take pictures of the water levels and the damage it has caused. It will help you get super-fast assistance compared to people without documentation records of the damage.

Prevent Damage

Preventing damage means covering the areas in your house that are vulnerable to more damage. For example, if it is safe and doable, you can cover your destroyed windows, shattered roofing, and other areas. Because when you are filing a claim, you have to prove that you took mitigation measures to protect your property, and if you fail to do so, there are high chances of your insurance claim rejection.

Relocation Receipts

Even though it entirely depends on your insurance company, some cover additional living expenses. And that means you might get a lot more than just the roofing coverage if you have the records all in one place. Keeping hotel/apartment rent records or restaurant bills is a hassle. However, you can use the same credit card to pay for all your relocation costs and get proper coverage.

Public Adjusters Might Help

Considering the insurers’ situation in Florida, you might have to contact professional public adjusters. However, make sure they are authorized by Florida law to help you with the insurance claim, whether for roofing insurance coverages after Hurricane Ian or other general damage insurance claims assistance. We suggest you choose Noble Public Adjusting Group, as thousands of our clients firsthand testimonials will confirm, we are the best public adjusters in Florida.

Final Words

We hope that you have got all the information about the roofing coverage in Florida after Hurricane Ian. And we believe that the information mentioned above has given you an insight into the current insurance sector situation in Florida to better guide your loved ones stuck in the same problem.

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