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Filing an Insurance Claim for Your Condominium: Complexities and Solutions

With over a billion dollars of insurance claim settlements, Noble Public Adjusting Group is your expert resource for navigating condo insurance claims. Condominium ownership brings unique challenges when it comes to insurance claims, particularly due to the shared property and the role of the Homeowners Association (HOA). In this comprehensive guide, we explore the various complexities of condominium insurance claims and provide solutions to ensure a smooth and successful claims process.

Understanding Condominium Insurance

Before delving into the intricacies of filing insurance claims for condominiums, it’s essential to grasp the fundamentals of condominium insurance:

Individual Unit Owners’ Insurance: This policy covers your personal belongings, interior structures, and liability within your unit. 

Condominium Association Insurance: This policy covers common areas, shared structures, and the exterior of the building, along with liability coverage for common area accidents.


Filing a Condominium Insurance Claim: Step by Step

Step 1: Review Your Condo Insurance Policy
The initial and most crucial step in the claims process is understanding your individual condo unit owner’s insurance policy. Pay attention to coverage limits, deductibles, covered perils, and exclusions to set the foundation for a successful claim.

Step 2: Document the Damage
Thoroughly document the extent of the damage by taking clear photographs and videos of the affected areas. Create an inventory of damaged items with estimated values, as this documentation will play a pivotal role in the claims process.

Step 3: Contact Your Condo Association
If the damage extends beyond your unit, contact your condominium association promptly. They must file a claim for common areas and shared structures. Collaboration with the association is crucial to ensure seamless information exchange with the insurance company.

Step 4: Notify Your Insurance Company
Contact your individual unit owner’s insurance company as soon as possible to report the damage. Provide them with your well-documented evidence and a detailed account of the incident for accurate claims processing.

Step 5: Work with Adjusters
Expect the insurance company to send adjusters to assess the damage and determine the claim’s extent. Adjusters play a vital role in evaluating your claim based on the provided documentation.

The HOA Challenge in Condominium Claims

The presence of the Homeowners Association (HOA) in condominiums adds complexity to the claims process: 

Shared Responsibility: Determining responsibility for damage in common areas can lead to disputes between the condo unit owners and the HOA.
Master Policy: The HOA holds a master policy covering common areas and the building’s exterior, necessitating an understanding of how it interacts with individual unit owner policies.
Assessment of Damage: Distinguishing between damage in common areas and individual units is critical, requiring coordinated assessments.
Claims Coordination: Coordinating claims among unit owners, the HOA, and multiple insurance companies can be complex and time-consuming. 
Disputes: Disagreements over damage causes or repair cost allocation can further complicate the claims process.

Expert Assistance in Condominium Claims

Considering the complexities introduced by the HOA, many unit owners choose to work with experienced public adjusters. Public adjusters can provide invaluable assistance:

Navigating HOA Policies: They understand the intricacies of HOA policies, ensuring effective utilization of both the individual unit owner’s policy and the HOA’s master policy.

Claims Negotiation: Public adjusters negotiate with insurance companies, including the HOA’s policy provider, to maximize claim payouts and resolve disputes.

Navigating State Statutes: State statutes, such as Florida’s 718.111, specifically govern the condominium insurance claim process.

Documentation and Coordination: Skilled in documenting damage, assessing responsibility, and coordinating claims, public adjusters simplify the process for unit owners.

Expertise in Condo Claims: Public adjusters specializing in condominium insurance claims possess the expertise to navigate complex claims successfully.


Filing an insurance claim for your condominium can be intricate due to shared property and the role of the HOA. No matter where you’re located in the United States, Noble is your trusted source to help you with your condominium insurance claim and ensure that a seasoned expert is on your side of the negotiation process. Your peace of mind and financial security are our priorities, and Noble Public Adjusting Group is here to help you every step of the way.

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I have had a great experience working with Ben at Noble Public Adjusting. He always answers my calls and is knowledgeable.
Silas ViaToros
Silas ViaToros
We were unable to communicate with our insurance carrier after the damage from Hurricane Ian. We turned our claim over to Noble PA Group . Ben McGee of the Noble Group was able to negotiate a settlement that was 3 times more than what we were initially offered. After correct documentation, a reinspection and months of diligent negotiation we received an acceptable settlement. We were then able to restore our house back to its previous condition. We could not have done this without their expertise. We highly recommend them.
Paul Palmer
Paul Palmer
Excellent experience. Will use them again if needed in future and highly recommend this group.
Debbie Birney
Debbie Birney
Ben Maxwell was a great advisor and negotiator with the insurance company. After he got involved, the insurance company finally did what they were supposed to do…(pay for damage from the storm). Miranda was also very helpful. Thank you to Ben and Miranda. We were so fortunate to have you on our team!
Molly Max
Molly Max
Jackie Slaten
Jackie Slaten
We asked Noble for help a year after Hurricane Michael did extensive damage to our house. Our insurance company initially paid us less than the amount to repair our roof.After going thru several adjusters Ariel Morales began handling our claim. Ariel continued working thru our claim even after our insurance company went bankrupt. He helped navigate the process thru FIGA which was quite challenging to say the least. We ended up going to appraisal then having to engage an umpire. We finally got the help we needed and fair settlement. We would have never been able to recover the expense of our home repairs. Thank you so much Ariel! We really appreciate your help and persistence.
Sheryl Maynard
Sheryl Maynard
Tommy Browning is our adjuster. He has gotten more done in the 1st week than our insurance company has done in 4 months. He calls me daily to check up and see if I need anything and that all the contractors have upheld their appt times. Really nice to have someone that sincerely looks out for your best interest. 💜
So thankful for this group as I was at wits end trying to get through to my ins company. Kristina came for the initial visit which felt like family! Then Joe scheduled to come out and do a 3D photo . They have answered all my questions in a timely manner and worked with my crazy work schedule which has been so nice. Wish I had reached out sooner!
Denise wold
Denise wold
We hired Noble Public Adjusters Group a few weeks ago to help us get our insurance company to settle our Hurricane Ian claim. We are so happy we did and should have done it much sooner! We had Adjuster William Dishaw come view our home’s damage and document not just not what we knew of but also what he found was damage. Could not have been a better visit and a relief to hire someone on our side and not the insurance company side. He set us up to be able to monitor at any time a client portal to view progress. He sent us Brent Williams of Matterport to scan our home and while Brent was documenting damage with pictures he saw more we did know we had. Brent was professional and informative. His eagle eyes are amazing. Never would have seen the damage he saw. This entire experience so far has been professional and we are so very happy to be on board with Noble Public Adjusters Group!!! Excellent people. Thank you all!!!!
Joyce Cole
Joyce Cole

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