Residential Hurricane Loss: Wind, Water & Mold

Insurance Company’s Original Offer
Recoupment by Noble Public Adjusting Group
Percentage difference between original offer and settlement with Noble

Insurance Company’s Offer


Noble's Settlement


Total Increase


Percent of Increase


Hurricane Michael caused catastrophic damage to the Florida Panhandle, as it was the third most intense hurricane to make landfall in the U.S. Once the owner returned home, she noticed a tree had fallen on her house and water was leaking into her home. She immediately called her insurance company to file a claim. The insurance adjuster conducted a less than sub-par inspection and didn’t even check the inside of the home. He later claimed he was denied entry by the owner, which was simply not true.

The initial position of the insurance company was $10,700 but after deductible and depreciation, she received a check for a whopping $410, which wouldn’t even cover a fraction of the damages. Her home was unlivable and being overtaken with mold. She moved between temporary rentals over 6 times and even had to sleep in her car for a while. Once Noble took on the claim, we left no stone unturned and built a case to prove that she was entitled to a much higher settlement. We got the insurance company to agree to release an additional $90,000. But we weren’t done yet! The insurance company ended up invoking appraisal and after several negotiation meetings, Noble got them to release an additional $300,000 that the owner was entitled to. She received a final settlement of $409,000!

That’s an unbelievable 99,590% increase compared to the initial offer!