Insurance Wars

Battling "Big Business" Corporate Insurance on Behalf of Real Clients

Insurance wars is a reality television series that is based on the daily battles between corporate insurance and policyholders who have filed an insurance claim

Public Adjusters, being the Policyholder’s main advocate, go to war every single day, trying to put together a solid case for each claim, to make sure that the Policyholders are indemnified for their losses. For us at Noble P.A., this can mean being yell at, cursed at, threatened, black-balled, ignored by insurance personnel, bullied by teams of Insurance-hired engineers and more. Being in our industry certainly isn’t for those with thin skin, but when the Policyholder wins the victory and their property is restored in the end — it is well worth the fight.

Noble Public Adjusting Group is the largest P.A. firm in the State.

Noble first attracted attention by the owner’s growing reputation as the best in the business. Handling thousands of claims over a five year period and becoming the most used Insurance Appraiser in the entire country, quickly propped up the company and the owner as the “go-to guru” in the industry. It didn’t take long for Noble to catch the eye of a local agency, Agency 850, which then began a courting period where ideas were exchanged and Insurance Wars was born.

The main cast is the Noble Public Adjusting Group staff. Characters also include clients, engineers, insurance personnel, contractors and many locals. For more, please check out the Insurance Wars Facebook page. See forms below to be part of the show or book the cast.

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