Common Types of Commercial Insurance Claims Damage


Storm damage may occur in many ways (wind damage, flooding and even fire caused by lightning) and may create considerable damage to commercial properties.

Flooding is probably the most common form of storm damage in the US. Even during a major hurricane, it is not the destructive wind that creates most damage, as we might expect, but the torrential rains that cause flooding.

Insurance companies pay huge amounts of money each year for flood damage repairs in commercial insurance claims and residential properties and they are expected to pay even more, as we will face more and more the effects of global warming that are expected to bring more severe weather phenomena in the future.

A rainstorm affecting commercial buildings has huge damaging potential. First, it has the potential to infiltrate in every part of the building, from the basement and from the roof, and may cause structural damage to walls, ceilings, floors etc.

Besides, commercial properties have special equipment and various goods stored inside and a flood may compromise everything, putting the entire business on downtime, which is even more costly in the long run.  The only hope to get back on track, in such situations, is having a good insurance, and using the services of  a commercial storm damage insurance adjuster Florida expert to receive fair and prompt compensation.

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