It’s good when the Law is On Your Side.

In Season 1 of Insurance Wars, Episode 6, Noble Public Adjusting Group went to Orlando to work on a Claim and decided it would also be beneficial to meet in person with a Legal Firm they work with on the more challenging cases.  The intent was to make sure Noble is continuing to provide any and all documents necessary if a Claim needs to be brought before a Court.

This particular Legal firm said Noble has a fantastic reputation of being the Best in the Business because they are consistent in providing thorough work and documentation including Damage Estimates, Images of the Property Damage being Claimed and the Claim Notes from the Insurance Company.  All of these supporting documents are necessary to present an Iron Clad case.

Is Court always necessary?

No, it isn’t.  But in the situation of this particular Orlando homeowner, his home suffered a Lightning Strike and High Winds which caused electrical damage to his A/C units, damage to the roof and siding.  The lightning strike caused the updaters A/C unit to sprout a leak which then caused water damage to the floors, walls and trim moldings.  The Insurance Carrier refused to cover most of the damage and only offered coverage on one of the A/C units.  This case was one that needed to be brought before a judge and the Policyholder was given a favorable award.

What about Attorney’s Fees and Court Costs?

The Law firm Noble met with doesn’t charge the client any fees because Florida Statute 627.428, states Policyholders are entitled to attorney fees when they prevail in their claims against their Insurance Companies for coverage.  It’s a low-risk situation for the Client when the Claim is backed up with solid, supporting documents and State Statutes clearly defining the Policyholder is due to a Fair and Just Settlement.

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