Important Insurance Terms to Know When You’re Hunting for Car Insurance

insurance terms and plans

If you’re looking for a better car insurance company, you’re not the only one. A lot of people these days are changing insurers and trying to find better coverage options, and not just because the insurance companies they used might be bad. In many cases, it’s as simple as moving to a different state where your old coverage no longer applies and your current insurance company doesn’t have an office.

  • Collision coverage is the most important insurance term you have to know about when it comes to auto insurance choices. The term refers to the amount the company has to pay as compensation if your car was damaged in a collision that applies to your coverage terms.
  • The Premium is the amount that you have to pay to your insurance company in order to obtain the coverage level you want.
  • The Policy Period is the period during which the insurance policy is viable and valid. This implies that most policies have a beginning and an expiration date.
  • The Deductible is a minimum amount of money you have to pay during a loss to be eligible for your insurer to pay the rest (up to the amount of your repair costs and other expenses).

The Liability Insurance Terms and Liability Limits refer to the part of the insurance policy that will help you pay for medical bills and other expenses you have to cover because of an injury. If you have additional questions, and live in Florida, look for a qualified public insurance adjuster in Florida to help you make sense of your insurance coverage and claims process.

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